Wave Simulator – Waveterm C

Herr Seib has now put up the Wave Simulator.

for free. Well it is PC/Win only, but it is free. emulating the main functions of the PPG Wave 2.2 / 2.3 and EVU. He says:

Together with Paul Maddox, I developed a hardware/software combination to drag the PPG Waveterm into modern times – Waveterm C. I haven’t found the time yet to finish it – other projects, like VSTHost, consume too much of my time. Besides, the capabilities of today’s average computers have grown to a point where it’s relatively easy to simulate a complete synthesizer, with only minute differences, inside the PC.  So… that’s what I did. A demo version of the standalone variant can be found here, as part of the Waveterm C demo. This demo version has been specially crafted to complement the WTC32 Demo version. It emulates a complete PPG Wave; that means, this simulation consists of a simulated 6809 processor with a simulation of practically all peripheral chips that runs the original PPG software. This way, WaveSimD is nearly 100% compatible to an original PPG Wave. In fact, the simulation is so accurate that I’ve developed the V8.3 Upgrade completely (except for the final tests) on the full version of WaveSim.

Sonically, it isn’t yet absolutely the same as the original, but it comes really close; close enough to allow a really good impression how, for example, a generated wavetable would sound if it had been sent by the full Waveterm C to a real PPG Wave 2.3.

But be sure this is ONE Version, there is a full version, too

WaveSimD is a demo version. This means that it has some limitations which the full version does not have:

bulletno MIDI; WaveSimD is intended for the sole purpose of complementing the WTC32 Demo. For that, MIDI is not necessary. The full version includes a complete MIDI interface – and even allows to remotely control each and every knob and external input (Program Switch, for example) via Midi CC messages.
bulletfixed to Wave 2.3 V6 (full version can be Wave 2.2 V3/V4/V6/V8, 2.3 V6/V8, EVU V2/V3/V4)
bulletbad long-term memory; it always comes up with the factory settings (full version keeps the RAM contents for each of the possible modes between invocations)
bulletreduced controls; the full version can be tweaked far beyond the possibilities of a real Wave (for example, the filters can be turned on and off, tuned over a range of 2 octaves, …)

Forum: Mini Version PPG Waveterm C

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