Webjay – plays our tracks?

hmm, just found this one, well I never said yes, post it.. but here is one of our tracks .. nothing to say against it, it’s on our site.. seems a new site like singingfish.com .. maybe interesting to someone.

Webjay – „techno“ by jim

the original is here:

habs aus zufall gefunden , durch die statistik..
hab nix gegen sowas, issja free und linkt klar auf das original.. nur ,falls einer denkt ,ich will da wen anschwatzen..

Forum Thread..

pss: full set of our live stuff by dada inn added to my podcast .. ;)
MoogulatoR (+consequence)
PODCASTING choose dada-inn podcast here.. :
moogulator podcast attention: dada inn will get another podcast.. because dada-inn is 3 ppl and moogulator just 1. (done, links to dada inn podcast only now..)

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