Yamaha digital drumcomputer RX5 & more

  • yamaha RX-5 well.. not analogue, 12bit ..
    there is an Env in it and you can set the pitch.. that heped a lot making „new“ sounds, especially lofi stuff.. there was a 808 card available.. well mine broke down in the 80ies caused by the card ..
    yamaha rx5 drumcomputer12bit series of RX5 drum machines, the smaller ones (beside RX7+RX5) were quite simple ones..
  • the RX series in general: RX5, RX7 and the small RX21 were rom-based drum machines for the „mass market“.. the rx5 was the top model and for the time it was released (mid 80ies)
    <– RX17 thx to haesslich.
  • the followup systems were the RM50 and RY drum machines (RY30 may be the most known one..)
    very cool for metallic beats.. industrial etc. (had one in the late 80ies/early 90ies)
  • Yamaha Drumcomputer overview..

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