Roland JD-Xa Synthesizer (analog + digital!) + Aira MX

the JDXA synth is the „large“ version of the new series that the JD Xi leak looked ahead on – and looks like this: btw – Roland breaks it’s own rules not to use „old technology“ to have an analog circuit integrated! and we ALL did not even consider Roland will ever make analog again! including myself ;) NAMM 2015: Roland\'s New JD-XA – Big Daddy Of JD-XiDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen it has an analog and a digital part of a sound (layer). quite classic layout and knobs –…

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Yamaha FM-Synthesizer Generation/s

Yamaha FM synthesizers. for yamaha EX and vector series scroll down.. find editors for your FM synth here find a complete „how to make a bass with FM“ tutorial here / Tutorial für FM Bass Sounds hier.. Yamaha Synth overview.. FM SYNTH GENERATIONS DX-TG-SY-FS-PLG —- the fm synthesis HISTORY @ yamaha -1st generation DX series (80ies, a bit rough sounding 12bit converters): DX1,DX5, TX7, DX9, TX816 / TX216, DX21. FM SYNTHS first generation DX1, DX5 DX7 GS1/2 the gs1 and gs2 started it all with FM synthesis (simple „piano like“…

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