11.02., 13.02. DIY Arduino Synthesizer Workshop, Berlin

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  1. Hallo DIY Synthesizers Loversss!!
    We are Pin & Julito from Pechblenda Laboratory.

    Finally we found the perfect space to make the workshop. The place and
    dates are: On Tuesday at 15 pm (morgen).
    and on Thursday 16 pm (diese Woche)
    in Where is Jesus at Wrangelstrasse 57 Berlin.

    AnalGital Synths Workshop
    “Building an Analog-Digital Synthesizer ”

    Analogic synthesizers are fun. But imagine if you could program each synth
    and made them sound and act as you feel like!
    AnalGital synths have a lot of possibilities, adding filters like
    envelopes, delays, decays and others.
    With Analog-digital synthesizers we can mostly do what we want to. Adding
    some LDR (so sound is controlled by light), some Pressure Sensors or
    Ribbon sensors.

    We will understand electronic basis and electronic basic components. we
    will also understand what is arduino, how it works and its community
    We will learn how to program in arduino. And how to build a nice sound and
    noise arduino synthesizer.

    Using Arduino Pro Mini, we will be able to build a Auduino based on
    granular synthesis.

    Needs for the workshop: if possible bring your electronic hardware tools,
    your laptop and soldering iron, in case you have an Arduino bring it as
    well l!!!

    After we will make a jam session together with all the new synthesizers!!

    It will be a 6 hours workshop, however we can go further if necessary.
    the cost of the workshop is 50€.

    Please, send us an email here to confirm if you are coming!!!
    but if you cannot confirm, and you want to come in the last minute you can
    come as well!!!!