23.01.2016 Rotterdam Noodlebar PinkPank


Patrick Gunawan Hartono (The Hague)
Patrick Hartono’s work has particular focus on sound and visual spatial exploration either virtual or physical. The results include music on acousmatic composition, surround sound concerts, live electronic, compositions in the tradition of academic computer music, underwater photography, installations, site-specific sound art, experimental media, and interdisciplinary arts.

Jos Smolders (Tilburg)
Jos Smolders has been playing with sound and music for 30 years already. But he also co-edited Vital Magazine and was one of the founding fathers of THU20, a supergroup of the Dutch experimental underground. In short Smolders has been a significant contributor to the electronic community. In addition to his work as a sound artist, he founded EARLabs.org
in 1998, eventually turning it into a website dedicated to the fledgling netaudio scene, which combined aspects of online magazine, online label, mastering services and social media functionalities in a revolutionary way. A writer, editor, sound designer, composer, producer and pioneer, Jos Smolders uses his broad experience to perfect and polish the sound of artists including Jim Jarmusch, Jozef van Wissem, Merzbow and Scanner. Since 2.5 years he also has been building his modular synth, to get away from the digital sound production route. He has released various synth albums through jossmolders.bandcamp.com.

Michel Banabila (Rotterdam)
Michel Banabila has produced musical scores for numerous films, documentaries, video art, theatre plays & choreographies.
Especially keen on mixing disciplines and music styles, Banabila uses elements and influences from jazz, electronic music, classical and world music.

Worsel Strauss (DE)
Attended Unattention: Avant Electronica/Future Industrial/Buchla Pop
In a psychological sense, the act of taking control could be considered a response to fear. Human beings have different responses to fear, amongst them aggression, escape, withdrawal into isolation, and the exertion of control. Giving up control seems as difficult as taking control of things, while losing control typically is not desired.

DJ: Ian Martin