24.05.09 atelierTheremin in gießen

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  1. sound-studies from outer space - berlin underground live

    the Theremin, the legendary early electronic music instrument, meets exceptional sounds of trippy vocals and spacy steel guitars ...
    among this vibrates pure analog synthesizer and sequencer equipment - psychedelic avant-garde experimental music
    played live by berlin "neokrautrockers" atelierTheremin - Slyder, Manfred Miersch and Arne Paul Neumann.

    "... real beatnik-music from Mars!"
    Ed Ward, Writer (Crawdaddy, Rolling Stone)


    date: sun 24.05.09
    <b>location:</b> neues rathaus | konzertsaal, berliner platz 1, 35390 gießen
    <b>starts:</b> 20 h (8pm)

    <b> - admission FREE! - EINTRITT FREI!</b>

    *** NEW ALBUM morgen im garten des neokrautrock OUT IN JUNE 2009!!! ***