24.09.2018 Berlin @C-Base, Bitwig User Group Meeting



Infos Facebug:

Ansehen: https://www.facebook.com/events/1233571906796137/

Montag von 18:30 bis 22:30

Wo genau:
c-base Spacestation
Rungestr. 20, 10179 Berlin

Matjö's Bitwig Tutorials

Hi fellow Bitwig users!

Summer break is over. Time to meet up again and show off our Bitwig studio tan!

The idea is to gather a bunch of Bitwig studio users once every month to share about how we use the software for Music Production, live performances, sound design etc..

We will have this in two parts:

First a general discussion on how and what we use with Bitwig, and also "pass the aux" so people can show and describe how they've made different presets, created interesting sounds, used some hardware etc..

The second part will be a Link jam as we've had the last couple of meetings.

Bring you weapons of choice (laptops, synth, machines, controllers) and CABLES to connect to the mixer (jack connectors) and midi cables if you want to use midi sync.

DISCLAIMER: In an electronic Jam the sonic landscape can (will?) get quite crowded very fast. The golden rule being LESS IS MORE. So leave space for the others to develop something together instead of continuously soloing over the rest. Thanks.

So, we'll meet at c-base at 18:30 and start the discussions. See you there.

/Daniel & Mathieu