25.03. Berlin - Monotrail / Gregor Dys & Pedro Gloor Vellasco / NUUK - Petersburg Artspace (Modular Abend)

Am 25.03. gibt es ein Modular-Event im Petersburg Artspace im schönen Berlin-Moabit:
Einlass ist ab 20h - Beginn um 21h!
Wir freuen uns über Nerd-Gäste! ;-)


Gregor Dys & Pedro Gloor Vellasco

Gregor Dys explores the sonic architectures of the modular synthesizer, controllers and gadgets that lie at his fingertips. Taking a performative approach, the listener is guided through a semi-improvised exploration of electroacoustic ambient, howling drones, thickening soundscapes and unexpected noises.
In their common project, Gregor Dys and Pedro Gloor Vellasco thrive for the trichotomy of nature, mankind and technology.

Overcoming his classical background, Pedro Gloor Vellasco uses his violin to act as an organic counterpart, harmonic leitmotif and performative tool to enrich those electronic parts.
At times struggling with each other, trying to find the balance in-between, the fragile violin is processed by the machine and vice versa.
As part of a feedback loop, both performers react to the summoned atmospheres, morphing
from subject to object.


Monotrail is the latest musical project of Berlin-based Dutch artist and musician Rijnder Kamerbeek. Improvising on a modular synthesizer Monotrail sculpts his sounds and textures with analog noise, distorted synth voices, smooth filtered sequences and experimental percussion. The result is an intriguing sonic journey which takes you along meandering melodic drones, distant field recordings, and occasional heavy pulsating rhythms.


NUUK consist of Christian Gierden and Lorenz Erdmann. Both musicians share a love
for thought-out synth harmonies, modular synthesis and randomized sonic
characteristics. When jamming and composing together as NUUK all this results in
rich sonic landscapes ranging from droney spheres to thoughtful and melodic beats:
NUUK are 2 people, a hideout, a mental holiday.


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