15.12. - Panke.Gallery/Berlin - Sound Night 06: Diser Tape — Stiroll — Gregor Dys

Gregor Dys
Gregor Dys
Am Samstag spiele ich in der Panke ein Ambient/Noise-Set und dem LineUp geschuldet einige Dub-Klänge mit meinem Modularsystem und Ipad etc.:

Panke.Gallery, 15 December 2018; Door 21:00 → Start 22:00 | 5€

Hof V, Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin

Diser Tape is an electronic project from Kyiv founded by Artem Kanishchev and Nika Kanishcheva. They create new sounds on the edge of post-industrial, ambient, glitch and dubtech aesthetics. They call it "blur sound technique". Now duo got few releases on Teple Yabluko label. diser tape play improvised lives with searching of new ways of self-expression with technical features — discovering noise and sound design, creating multi-channel compositions, programming sounds with max/msp and using field-recording, etc.

Stiroll is Ukrainian electronic music project emerged in 2017 and based in Kyiv. Stiroll is founded and presented by sound artists and musicians – Volodymyr Kostyliev and Yurii Piskunov. Stiroll focuses on many faces of dub-music and dub-methods of electronic music creating. Stylistically Stiroll’s works are closer to dub-techno and urban-dub music being a part of contemporary city folklore. Audio by Stiroll is deepening and expansion of urban-dub aesthetics in content and form.
Stiroll performances are live manipulations with audio and musical setup including prepared material as well as improvisation moments.

Gregor Dys explores the sonic architectures of the modular synthesizers, controllers and gadgets that lie at his fingertips. Taking a performative approach, the listener is guided through an semi-improvised exploration of electroacoustic ambients, howling drones,thickening soundscapes and unexpected noises.

Würde mich über Support und anschließendes Nerd-Gespräch freuen! ;-)

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