25.11 - Holger Czukay in Berlin mit Hommage an Stockhausen

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  1. Gelesen auf der offiziellen Website:

    there will be concert on november 25 in berlin where a young chamber ensemble will perform 'adieu' by karlheinz stockhausen versus myself performing also a stockhausen homage "breathtakin'" beside a piece from the old can days named 'can revolt' plus a temporary version of a franz schubert string quartet entitled 'maidendeath'. the music performance is followed by a discussion of the participants I suppose supported by journalists from the culture edge.
    it is not often that you can attend to a discussion where the 'combatants' will meet from such opposite sites loaded perhaps with some 'explosive ammunition'. weapons must be delivered at the door, dear! the audience will be limited to 150 so you should be quick when you want to come. all details in short:

    november 25 at 8 p.m.
    location: haus 13 auf dem pfefferberg
    christinenstrasse 18
    schoenhauser allee 176
    not far away from the center of berlin
    in case you want to know some more details like available tickets etc please call this number
    + 49(0)30/24749-870 ( uwe ozminski)

    Leider ist Berlin für mich doch recht weit weg für ein einziges Konzert.

    Aber vielleicht geht ja einer von Euch Berlinern hin und kann berichten, klingt jedenfalls für meine Begriffe sehr interessant.