!6-Step Sequencer


Das ist ja ein Lustiges Teil :)


This is a 16-step sequencer that outputs control voltage from 0 to 5 volts. This is used to manipulate other equipment that utilizes incoming CV.

In addition to being able to select the number of steps (2 to 16) there are other modes and patterns…
•16 Steps forward followed by 16 in reverse
•8 blocks of 2 steps repeated 16 times
•4 blocks of 4 steps repeated 4 times
•2 blocks of 8 steps repeated 4 times
•Dual overlapping 8-Step Sequences
•Holding 3 beats on steps 1, 5, 9 and 13
•2 steps forward, 1 step back
•Random Mode

Modes are selectable via a mode control knob. You have control over the speed and 16 sliders to set the voltage of each step. There is a switch to start/stop the sequence and a button to manual step through when stopped.

All jacks are 1/8″ (3.5mm). The CV output is separated from the sync jacks. It has a sync input and two sync outputs, one that outputs a 5V clock pulse for each step and one that outputs a pulse only at step one. This allows multiple units to sync up either step for step or overlapping. Sync in is closest to the DC input, in the middle is the sync out, and closest to the CV output jack is the sync out with one pulse at step one.

It is housed in an extremely tough, raw aluminum case. It is powered by an included 9V battery or any 9V center-negative DC adapter.

Shipping to the US is a flat $10, everywhere else is $22 for the first item and $8 for each additional item.
Ah, Rucci. Ich hab' die schwarze Kiste auf dem Bild (Maximal Drone, eine der üblichen Rechteck-Quitschkisten) und den 8Step-Sequencer davon. Lärmt, kenn man aber schon...
Das Feine am Rucci ist, dass er mit Batterie betrieben werden kann. So einen kleinen analogen Seq zum mitnehmen habe ich schon lange gesucht. Und die Variationen des Steplaufs sind wirklich originell. Schwer hinzubekommen mit einem herkömmlichen Sequenzer.