Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2



Was neues von Pittsburgh Modular im look des Taiga.
Sieht spannend aus, tolles Paket.

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  • Dual oscillator synthesizer with innovative analog sound design elements.
  • Dual channel, complex 16 note touch controller and sequencer.
  • Fully modular eurorack format synthesizer with 101 point patch bay. Build complex sonic experiments within the Voltage Lab 2 or patch with external eurorack devices.
  • Controllable via touch controller, sequencer, external MIDI, CV, gate.
  • A pair of analog Pittsburgh Modular Laboratory Oscillators utilizing cutting edge waveshaping techniques.
  • Laboratory Oscillator 1 utilizes a Pittsburgh developed process called Center Clipping to reinvent how waveforms can be manipulated. With independent control over the top and bottom of the waveform.
  • Laboratory Oscillator 1 includes the six stage Pittsburgh Warped Wavefolder allowing it to fold previously unfoldable waveforms such as square and pulse waves.
  • Laboratory Oscillator 2 introduces Pulse Symmetry, a new type of pulse wave invented by Pittsburgh that adds a second dimension of modulation to pulse waves.
  • Laboratory Oscillator 2 also includes a new Reflection wave folder that folds the bottom of the waveform back onto the top of the waveform.
  • Built-in oscillator effects include a highly tuned Ring Modulator, Frequency Modulation (FM), Bit Crushing, and bi-directional Hard Sync.
  • A pair of multi-purpose Function Generators work as a voltage controllable envelope with or without sustain, slew, LFO, clock divider, gate delay, and more.
  • The Function Generators can be intertwined to create complex modulation options using the trigger conditions and function generator mixer outputs.
  • Analog synthesis tools include flexible amplifier, attenuator, mixer/splitter, dual range LFO, and a signal splitter.
  • Digital synthesis tools include MIDI to CV converter, arpeggiator, and a robust chance sequencer.
  • A pair of Pittsburgh Dynamics Controllers. An expanded alternative to a filter and/or VCA.
  • Noise generator and fully patchable Sample & Hold.
  • A pair of analog effects. Florist flanger chorus and Echos bucket brigade delay.
  • Line level and headphone outputs.
  • Dual Channel Touch Controller offers a combination of real time, expressive playing and in-depth sequencing.
  • Touch Controller includes 16 dedicated pitch knobs per channel and 16 shared CV channel knobs.
  • Each channel offers 8 simultaneous outputs. Quantized pitch, unquantized CV, pressure, trigger, gate, envelope, a second unquantized CV, and MIDI outputs.
  • Global Touch Controller inputs include MIDI input, clock input, and clock reset input.
  • Per channel inputs include channel active step scan input, channel reset/1-shot input, channel repeat input, and channel chance CV input.
  • Assignable Key and scale. Chromatic, major, minor, or microtonal scales with up to 32 steps per octave.
  • Touch Controller pitch can be assigned chromatically or per step using the dedicated channel knobs.
  • Range of channel knobs can be set to 2, 3, or 4 octaves.
  • Per step Sequencer features include pitch, gate length, envelope length, step conditions (1-100% chance, every other one, etc.) chance, step shift, step length, step destination jump, and step roll.
  • Global Sequencer features include first step, direction, touchpad mode, step quantizer, swing, humanize, sequence shift, euclidean generator, sequence generator, fill generator, clock division
  • Each channel offers a dedicated chance amount that can be assigned to up to 4 destinations, pitch, trigger, note shift, note roll.
  • Clock source can be set to internal, external MIDI, or external gate.
  • Assignable MIDI channels
  • Included in the box – 1x Voltage Lab 2, 1x Voltage Lab 2 wall-wart power supply, 20x Amazing Nazca Noodles Patch Cables, poster, thank you card with a link to download documentation.
  • Dimensions: 47.8 x 26.7 x 10.8 cm
  • Weight: 4.39 kg
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