Anachronaut 02 - music is my only color

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    Hallo zusammen.
    Ich hab es geschafft, mal wieder vier planet ugh tracks zu einer EP zusammenzustellen.
    Natürlich kann man sich das kostenfrei runterladen :


    1 . . music is my only color . . . 6:25 min. . . 84 bpm
    2 . . Rue d'Acid . . . 5:29 min. . . 93 bpm
    3 . . exit strategy . . . 3:37 min. . . 112 bpm
    4 . . spaceship of the golden monkeys . . . 3:53 min. . . 120 bpm

    Ich habe leider nur einen englischen Info-Text :

    This EP presents four tracks in the downtempo, acihop, breaks and trance style that planet ugh is known for. All music was written, performed and produced by planet ugh at the Bended Hill Studios in Cologne, Germany.

    The opener "music is my only color" is followed by "Rue d'Acid", which both have been featured on the latest Electronic Attack compilation albums. A guitar is used on both these slow pieces, which are drenched with acidlines and nice melodies over a broken beat. Also some short vocals can be heard on "music is my only color". These tracks were created during the winter of 2008 and the spring of 2009. They have a rather dark and slow appeal to them.

    The third piece on the EP, "exit strategy" is an older composition dating back from the summer of 2007. It has now finally been released officially and is a slow, harmonic, trance-style track with a straight beat and a pumping, groovy acidpart as well.

    The last tune on the EP is entitled "spaceship of the golden monkeys". The gowling, fierce and rumbling music over a broken beat is paired with some fine moldies and an intersting acid-groove.
    It was written in Early 2008 and exclusively relies on synthesizers created by H.G. Fortune, except for the drum sounds. It is featured as a demonstration tune on the synth manufacturer's website.