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From the parties came connections with musicians – generally wayward ones, like the Happy Mondays, The Farm, and of course Primal Scream. Completely unschooled in the studio, Weatherall nonetheless went in with engineer Hugo Nicholson and rewired Primal Scream's soul/rock ‘I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have’ into ‘Loaded’. A looped Soul II Soul beat, a sample from a Peter Fonda biker movie, turn up the trumpets and backing vocals, boom. Doors between indie and dance, charts and the underground were kicked off their hinges, and Weatherall's lifetime of unfailingly brilliant productions and remixes started. His work with Nicholson through the white heat of the early 90s remains awesomely, cosmically joyous – for all Weatherall's pretension-skewering sharpness and love of musical darkness, he has never been a cynic about celebration and pleasure. Whether it was the cascading giant harpsichords on the “American Spring Mix” of the Scream's ‘Higher Than The Sun’ or the sultry country-soul-dub of their work with One Dove, they constantly found new ways to express the happy delirium and sense of possibility of the time. Through their titles and samples, too, they constantly introduced acid house and indie audiences to deep musical history: Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, Throbbing Gristle, Prince Far I, Brian Wilson and more all seeped into young minds as a result.
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sprachlos und traurig.
AW war der Auslöser fûr mein Interesse an Studio und Produktion.
genauer die Sabres of Paradise releases.

puh ...


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Mir sagt nur Sabres of Paradise was, und dieser Name ist bei mir hängengeblieben aus den 90ern, das hat mir damals gefallen, den ganzen Rest oder die Zusammenhänge kannte ich gar nicht.