Creatovox Synthesizer

Synthesis e

Synthesis engine

Many of the technical issues in the design of the Creatovox's synthesis engine have to do with particle scheduling, setting limits on particle overlap, balancing the amplitudes of the particles according to various conditions, and determining what to do when the performer attempts to exceed computation limits. In this latter case, the goal is to degrade performance as gracefully as possible. To generate sufficient grain density, the synthesis engine must be capable of realizing multiple particle streams simultaneously, with individual envelopes and waveforms for each particle. Current microprocessors have enough speed to implement signal processing operations that transform the particle streams. Fast convolution, for example, allows for cross-synthesis, morphing, and granular reverberation effects.

The prototype Creatovox realizes a variety of particle synthesis techniques, including pure granular synthesis with sinusoidal waveforms and Gaussian envelopes, granular synthesis with other waveforms and envelopes, grainlet and glisson synthesis, trainlet synthesis, pulsar synthesis, and granulation of sampled sound files. These can be combined with real-time signal processing effects running on the same microprocessor.

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