>>> CROBOT bass assault on SUBSONIC DEVICE - part 1 <<<

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    DJ XED is back !!! After last years success on Subsonic Device with his EP "Clear Purpose" (released as 10inch + digital), XED comes back with his new ELECTRO anthem TRUE TO THE GAME !!! ELECTRO is not just a music genre, it is a feeling to be, a lifestyle a conviction and at least a passion ... Being ELECTRO from minute one, until now and back to year 3596. DJ XED proves what ELECTRO means once more with four excellent tunes that are riped and improved again and again over the last three years !!! Now he has it done ... sonically perfect ... time for the take off !!! Its TRUEEEEEEEEEE ...........



    A1 : True To The Game : 5mn 02
    A2 : My Mind Wonders : 4mn 30
    B1 : Remote Control  : 5mn 00
    B2 : Beats On My Mind : 5mn 17

    Available now as 12" vinyl through http://www.templeplate.com and also soon wherever you buy digital music.


    We are ELECTRO - you too ???

  2. Vorhören für diese Tracks jeht nich' uff templeplate, nix da.