ULTIMATE BASS MACHINE's "Mountains Of Bass" (SD017)

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    :: Deep impact holes on your woofers ::


    Young blood inside the Electro scene. 19 years old german producer from the Frankfurt area. JAY UBM aka ULTIMATE BASS MACHINE was totally affected by Electro years ago and jumped into it for having out his own version of contemporary Electronic Music. As practiced drum beat composer he really knows how to arrange and build up tracks that moves the club. As he has shown on a few demos and self released tunes like the fabulous "Subsonic EP" or "The Hardcore Jams" out in 2010. The next step, he is doing in biz, is on Subsonic Device: The "Mountains Of Bass" ep !!!
    It is time for a new fresh look on Electro Bass. New ideas, new view on things, new BASS and power --->>> to make it short: just U.B.M. !!!


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  3. Sauber..

    Flammen die aus dem SUB schiessen finde ich geil :floet:

    Ja John B würde das kicken..

    Do da robot!