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    Darxid .

    It's going to be extraordinary today, because ....

    ... IT'S ABOUT TIME ...

    DARXID is back from AlphaBASStauri and carried his first full length debut album down to earth !!! Look out and let's rock:


    The world has only just begun to touch on the immense talent Darxid has to offer and “Time Control”, the much anticipated debut album by Darxid will appeal to and cross numerous scenes worldwide. The album has been in production for over two years and it is a masterpiece of inspiration and innovation that redefines ElectroBASS. Encompassing pure Electro through to more soulful and funky Electro as well as tracks with Detroit influenced kicks and rocking leads, this album has it all.

    “DARXID - Time Control” will be available on CD :: Release Date: 28th November 2011

    Check the track previews on:

    Track Listing:

    01. Time Control
    02. .com-Unity
    03. You (Re_?_ed)
    04. Red Light
    05. Alone
    06. Freaky Inside
    07. Souljam
    08. Mambasso
    09. Rockin’
    10. Seraphims Fall
    11. Fasten Your Seatbelt
    12. Time Control (Electro House Mix)

    Preorder now on -->>>

    THIS IS JUST EXTRAORDINARY !!! Don't miss ....

    The next SD release is scheduled for the same time and brings in a theme of "Time Control" again:


    "YOU - The remixes" achieves with huge remakes by DARK VEKTOR, MORPHOGENETIC, GEON ... and a few more. It's just amazing what all of the artists brought out of that tune !!! Look out ...

    And finally ROBERT COSMIC strikes back with his vinyl edition of "Sentimiento" !!! Watch out for the SDV15 on !!! Heavy cutted, low BASS, handmade vinyl !!!!!!!!!
    Scheduled for November 7th.

    (incl. Darxid remix)

    More (((BASS))) these time definitely !!! Thank you for your support ...
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