Cyber Breaks

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  1. los vlados

    los vlados Tach

  2. los vlados

    los vlados Tach

    Thank you Admin
  3. weinglas

    weinglas Tube-Noise-Maker

    Punk with dog is so sick, but in a good way :phat:

    But i guess you should have made five or more tracks from this, because it sounds a bit like a lot of tracks from the cutting floor glued together. Maybe that's the meaning of cyber breaks!
  4. los vlados

    los vlados Tach

    Thank's. All my tracks that I made are like a lot of pieces/sequences in one track, because when I do a track I use only my hardware sequencers - synth - modules and etc. All this pieces are the differend patterns that I change over the time/arrangement. It's like a mini hardware live.It is the way I work and I like to have a movement over the time, not to stay monotonously. Thank you for the reply .

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