Emagic EMI 2|6 and MacBook Pro



Just installed the "ancient" OS X driver for the EMI 2|6 in my MacBook Pro and the device works just fine. :shock:
How's this possible?
Is Rosetta making it work?
What's the use of dedicated drivers then?
maybe because it needs no extra driver, lots of usb divices do not need extra ones.. dedicated drivers only enable it to use the built in DSPs (rme, motu..) or other things..

rosetta is really extraslow, so I doubt it is emulated.. emagic is apple, so they may have it aboard.. just because they are apple.. ;-)

in fact no audio app has an acceptable performance with rosetta, so ..
Hmm. Interesting. I also wondered what will happen to the AMT8/Unitor interfaces. Till now theres no new universal driver. Maybe they work with the old drivers as well. Hopefully.
Here's something I read in another forum:

"I just installed Logic Pro 7.2 on a friend's new Intel Mac mini this weekend and watching the install screen, I noticed it installed drivers for the Emagic MT4, AMT8 and other Emagic products. I'm assuming when they made Logic Pro universal binary that everything is UB (including the drivers??)"