Formula of Love (Alexandre Lois feat. Xenobioticum 23 )

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    Love formula

    I`m seeking a formula of love for many a year. I always thought that knowledge of it would open doors into a celestial palace. For some time it seemed to me that the formula for love was encoded in polyphonic music. So many times I tried to figure it out while pushing the keys of my synthesizer! Then I decided that this formula centered around a paradox impossible to solve by means of logic. I began to practice Zen. Paradoxes were surprisingly being solved, but the formula hadn`t been revealed. After that I arrived at Kabbalah. I was sure it would help me to discover the formula. But I got it wrong. The love formula remained a mystery to me. I began to learn Talmud and other Jewish books. Nothing helped me. So, I turned to Practical Kabbalah. And at that point I had felt the formula aura for the first time. Little by little I had become a black magician. By using the Black Knowledge I succeeded in making several dozens of the cleverest and the most beautiful women of the world fall in love with me. I had experienced love at different levels, but couldn`t unveil the formula. At last I had become an empty shell of a man. Women, knowledge - nothing attracted me. I thought just of the formula. All my wishes, ideas, feelings had vanished. I was living in such a way for several years and all of a sudden the formula had come to light. It turned out to be easy and fine.
    Here it is:
    At the back of royal greatness peace of mind has no place. Water is rising and falling, but guard doesn`t sleep. She said she would cut grapes specially for me and make wine: and it would cost me just five checks. My enemies drew a pattern on the glass and I understood that they were deaf. An Italian woman brews coffee for me and then makes love with me. Emperor had felt annoyed with everything a long time ago.
    When I had revealed the love formula, I tied myself up in knots and lay wakeful at night. I thought: “What do these words mean? What sense do they have?” Only in several years of intensive analyzing I had grasped that this formula is both logical and illogical. At bottom it is ending and endless.
  3. macht nichts, weil es keine Bedeutung hat. Weiterarbeiten, weiter forschen, die Intention bringt einem weiter. Bis man mit Überraschung feststellt, dass all die Bücher und Lehren praktisch überflüssig sind. Die Formel des Lebens ist in einem integriert. Will sagen dass dies alles in einem integriert ist.
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    I do not get the point and how your whining relates to that music.
    See no formula either.

    Trying to nag us a bit with your bs right?

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    In music there is a text in Russian. I gave the translation in English. What kind of ridicule?
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    Thx for not letting us die stupid.

    Next time maybe not making a riddle of it and give description from where it starts?
    We know you like playing some kind of mysterious attitude but...come on how old are you?
  7. Habe ja schon immer vermutet daß Füssi Fremdsprachen kann :supi:
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  9. Hello
    Dis is a synthesizer forum
    Do you understand?
    Here you talk about synthesiszer
    You can talk about cars too
    And synthesizer
    Please go away with strange poetry shit
    Is not good
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    You obviously do not understand something. This is a text from my musical work. In a musical work, there can be any texts that are not related to synthesizers. This is obvious even to the moron.
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    am I the only one who doesn't see much danger in that text Lois posted? Maybe something that looks like a mystery or somesuch, but well - I don't see evil.
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  13. I quite like what you did here. Clicked the followz. :invader2:
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    Thank you. I have long been aware.