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    csGrain is a real-time audio processing and recording tool that lets you create new sounds and new musical textures by transforming your voice, your instrument, or your favorite songs from your iTunes library in subtle or dramatic ways - all with the power of CSOUND. Under the hood is a stereo granular sound processor and 10 additional professional audio effects – all realized through a single Csound orchestra that is simultaneously: rendering, processing, sampling, resampling, synthesizing, resynthesizing, playing, reversing, delaying, triggering, gating, compressing, limiting, chorusing, flanging, echoing, filtering, pitch-shifting, harmonizing, granulizing, and recording – in any combination – all in real-time, and all 100% being done with the power and exquisite sound quality of CSOUND - the world's premier software synthesizer and signal processor.


    A Live Audio Multi-Effects Processor
    Import and Remix Songs from iTunes or "myTunes" (your Tunes!)
    Audio Processing
    Live Recording
    Soundfile Editing
    DropBox Integration
    Email-based File Transfer
    AudioCopy/AudioPaste to/from other iPad Apps
    MIDI Trigger and Control of All Paramaters
    Support for Professional External Audio and MIDI Interfaces
    Sample Loops
    Exquisite and Imaginative Presets
    A Comprehensive User Manual
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    Oberfläche sieht aus wie der Kartoffeldruck eines Synthis. Ist aber wohl was zum maximalen Klangverbiegen. c&p der Beschreibung wäre nicht nötig gewesen, Link zum AppStore wurde ja gesetzt.