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  1. Hi guys,

    Great forum!

    I want to get into modular synths and was looking at stuff like the Analog Solutions Red Square or Future Retro xs (semi-moduar i know). Basically, i don't even need oscillators, can i just get five or six modules to filter the input so i can run a drum machine and/or synths through them?

    What would you suggest on a small budget? I love the harvestman stuff, though a little expensive. I saw doepfer have nice little small racks for four modules, but four seems a little to small. Can i go DIY on a rack?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts,

  2. Moogulator

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    thats possible, you need an envelope follower to have fun with it then, the standard red square has no Env-Follow..

    but you can get one as a module.

    do you like to get the 3.5mm patchcord (jacks) or do you prefer the larger ones? (5 Units Rack Space / Moog Size)?

    You could also put together the modules you need from AS or dotcom etc.
    depends on the sound you want and the size. thats why I ask.

    yes, doepfer got a very large range of modules. you could also use a nice suitcase and just order the power harness and PSU.

    very cool with this (being slim and small) is cwejman, but they are not cheap at all. dotcom, AS and doepfer are much more affordable.

    imo you should decide by sound and sonic qualities..
  3. What i really want is to input any audio material and create little strange mini loops.

    I think eurorack is best because of the wide range of modules, am i wrong?
  4. MvKeinen

    MvKeinen ...

    well im not a modular pro but I spent a lot of time thinking about it so maybe this helps:
    semi modular is always a good start. besides the synths you mentioned there is also the Anyware semtex:
    with a semimodular synth you get many tools (modules) at your hand AND you can setup a traditional substractive synth in no time without patching.

    sure you can take just filters and run any signal through it you like but after a while you will realize that oscs are powerful tools not only to produce audible waveforms in a traditional synthesis environment but to modulate your filters for example.

    in this example i took an envelope follower (good module for your idea with running drumsignals through a modular FX unit) It was controlling the pitch of a deeptuned evolver osc witch was controlling the frequency of the filter on a high resonance setting.

    after 10 secs you will hear the dry drumsignal on top of it:

    so with your evolver you have 4 oscs on 2 audiooutputs. Only the controllability is not perfectly modular because you have to take the audio in of the evo and use either the peakfollower or the envfollower. both are not very sensitive but it is good for the start. much better are real modular oscs but for starters its not too bad because oscs are the most expensive modules among the basic stuff.

    here i used the same setup with a higher tuned evo osc among many other frickles :)
  5. Moogulator

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    wide range but also has a special sound which you should like. thats the important thing here, you can always input audio on modular systems freely - even as a trigger signal (as long as it is loud enough - if not use a converter module and of course an env follower to track the amplitude which can later control the filters, FM or what ever you like to..
  6. Undergrind, thanks, i have the evolver and i love it. do you know where i can get a price for the Semtex? the site says analoghaven but it's not there anymore.

    thanks for the help guys
  7. hi

    someone here in the forum is selling a semtex..

    lokk under "biete"
  8. Moogulator

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    Semtex ist made by Thomas "ANYWARE" here in the Forum, you may ask him directly - Or check the "biete" Section, I will set them back to "4 sale" and "wanted".

    Aaaand: It's not the only solution.