I thought some might get a laugh from this! ;-)

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  1. JohnLRice

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  2. Q960

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    Great! :lollo:
  3. TimeActor

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    Hahaha...thats so cool John!
  4. Thanks for sharing!

    Just a hint: If you'd gain weight let's say some meager 50 lb your belly would be produce a sine much richer in harmonics!
  5. tronique

    tronique Synthesist

    I love the Headclaps. :mrgreen:
  6. XCenter

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    Oooh my god, I´m wetting my pants!!! :hupfdrone:
  7. fab

    fab -

    this is fun!
    i also like your "irresponsible patch". Irresponsibly, I watched the whole video - could you comment a little on how you made it? (less about the specific modules, just more generally what's in there)
  8. :mrgreen:

    Or maybe 100 and using your ribs for some xylophonish timbres

    Thx for the video :nihao:
  9. weinglas

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    Incredibly funny! :D
  10. Cyborg

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    Well done, you are a really hothearted synthesist! Great! :phat:
  11. Cyborg

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    the vintage handclaps!
  12. guitarists make funny faces too :lollo: :lollo: :lollo: :lollo: :lollo:
  13. if you can not do a funny face you cant play a instrument :D
    :lollo: :lollo: :lollo:
  14. sadnoiss

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    Analogue sounds so much warmer than digital!
  15. JohnLRice

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    Thanks for watching and all the great comments! :cool:

    It's been a while but the Irresponsible Patch peice was primaraly playing around with the MOTM-650 arpeggiators and the Modcan Quad EG firing in loop mode . . .I think?
  16. Is there anything the MOTM-650 can't do? I want one too :-|