I Vocoder just like I do (hopefully)

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  1. Hello

    I made music videos for some song from my LP (one video for each one until the 5th LP).
    You can find all here:

    About the sthyle I can say it is not techno, maybe technopop, maybe in '80s kraftwerk ispiration, and less than more italo-disco(or something else) because, here in which I am, is Italy.

    It will be nice to know what you think about them all..... (I just posted here something, but not all).

    Thanks for watching.
  2. ...well, I am the clueless one around - so no judgement or helpful hints ;-) . But even while I can relate to the music as it reminds me to stuff I heard about thirty years ago - it is like an exploration into new grounds...

    ...thank you for making it available...
  3. MaEasy

    MaEasy ...

    I like it!