LXR Compilation - Live And Direct (May 1, 2014)

Bisschen Feiertagsmucke mit dem Sonic Potions LXR:


LXR Compilation - Live And Direct

Artist/Composer: Various Artists
Date: 2014-05-01
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

Have you ever heard of the Sonic Potions LXR?
It is an open DIY drum synth by Sonic Potions. Members of the Sonic Potions forum want to show with their contributions that the LXR is much more than that - it's an live performace tool.
All tracks are direct recordings of live performances using the LXR as the only instrument flavoured by external effects.
In addition to the first track, which is a seamless mix of all contributions by Möbius, the individual tracks are also included in this release.
So, have fun to dive into the world of the Sonic Potion LXR and explore what can be done with this wonderful machine!

This compilation ranging from ambient to house is dedicated to Julian
Schmidt, the founder of Sonic Potions and the creator of the LXR



00 LXR Compilation - Live And Direct (Möbius Mix) ( 01:00:28)
01 Tebbes - The Crackle (00:05:02)
02 Radwood - Nak-Ed (00:05:12)
03 Sensei Syd - Songe (00:02:59)
04 Möbius - Venom (00:05:03)
05 MixRasta - Elicir Brodoli (00:04:20)
06 Synthetic Solution - Mosaic Cascade (00:04:32)
07 Afrit Tempel - Troglodyte Child (00:03:09)
08 MaxDFB - Julian Calendar (00:05:23)
09 Tebbes - Neptune (00:04:47)
10 Synthetic Solution - Single Malt, Single Hop (00:06:00)
11 Möbius - Antidote (00:05:40)
12 Ceasless- Scribe Foundry (00:03:57)
13 Afrit Temple - Ylem (00:05:02)
14 MaxDFB - Fingerprints (On My Elixir) (00:04:24)

Download complete release (Zip 290 MB)

Files at Archive.org
:supi: tolle Idee

meine Lieblingstracks sind #9 und #11

Weiterhin viel Spaß beim Musikmachen!
Bis jetzt nur als 320k MP3 zum freien Download (siehe Link im ersten Beitrag).

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