Michael Jackson's Thriller mit Electribes und Juno 106

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  1. Made a short tribute in the same style as my TR-808 and Oberheim DMX films. I grew up intensely with his music, and this seemed to me a proper way of saying thank you

    - Electribe ESX for drums (LinnDrum, same as in my other LinnDrum videos with the ES1) and theremin (sinewave with modulation, via MIDI)
    - Electribe EA1mkII for bass
    - Roland Juno 106 for pads

  2. i really like your stuff, well done... worthy tribute on all levels. :supi:
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  5. Thx all here for checking

    Got a lot of very nice responses about this, many thanks!
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    very cool. sounds great, a little bit different, but not baaaad :)
  7. phonkey!
  8. i love it. besonders der Juno ist super schön gespielt :)
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    try to PRESS THE youtubeURL button and you get..

    it clickable.
  10. Very,very nice :supi: :supi: :supi: