Oberheim DMX / Juno classic electro tracks auf Youtube

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  1. Auf English, mein Deutsch ist nicht gut genug :D

    Some of you may remember me from the LinnDrum and TR-808 films I posted earlier, thx for all kind responses

    Now the Oberheim DMX, the third major drummachine of the 80s.... This time I started with some of my fav classic synth disco, and tried to recreate more synth parts using ONLY my JUno 106, to retain that 80s sound. This was interesting to do, learned me new depths of the good old 106 as the originals were all made with different synths of course

    Drums again from Electribe ESX, this time filled with DMX samples, only using internal fx. No original tracks sampled, all recreated by ear again. This time tracks like New Order / Blue Monday - Fun fun / Happy Station - Chaka Khan / I feel for you.... Now in retrospect Trans-X / Living on Video may have been a different story, almost sure a TR-808 after all, instead of a modded DMX I read about. This version was done with DMX samples so it's in this video


    Hope you enjoy!
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    well done. (moved to demos, maybe fits in better)
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    eisblau ..

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    de beats van jouw sein altijd uitstekend
    Ik ben een heel grote fan van 80er jaren muziek, en de beats van jouw brengen mooie herinneringen terug.

    "How does it feel, to treat me like you do..." :tralala:
  5. Danke schön!!! :D
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    alsjeblieft :prost:
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    very very nice!
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    :tribe: :hifi:
    Give us more!
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    I like!

    Is there any Software-Version of the DX? Looks like a Screenshot @ 1:07?
    I just know of the "ltmLAB Oberheim DMX" which looks different (also Magware :-x ).
  10. :D Got the idea thx to GMX's avatar (see post right above yours)

    I used the 'virtual dx': http://www.keyboardmuseum.com/d_machines/dx.html

    I actually searched for photo or film software that could animate and 'fly' over pix in full detail, would have been cool (anyone knows?). In the end I made a virtual high res print of this picture, put that fullscreen on my laptop in a dark room and manually browsed over it with a cheap camera... :cool: Well for youtube quality it worked anyway

    BTW I did not use the samples in the virtual dx, had another set already
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    nice work, hmmm lots of camera handling...
  12. I like it much :cool:
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    As you already know, i really dig what you do. I cant wait for the others vids ! when i have my mpc i will try to do similar things, i also own a juno 60 & a jx3p. I were very lucky when i also can have those samples. Sorry i know i am a leecher without giving anything back, but when i can i will !


  14. Thx for the compliments! Thx Ilkay!