Month-long Focus on Parallel Worlds in "Galactic Travel

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  1. hello, :)
    starting from next Thursday, *Galactic

    hello, :)
    starting from next Thursday, "Galactic Travels" Bill Fox's electronic music/ambient US Radio Show on WDIY 88.1 FM (and also broadcasting via the internet) will start a Month-long Focus on Parallel Worlds.
    the first "album" of this focus will be a special-made for "Galactic Travels" exclusive cdr with all the PW tracks that have been released from 2000 to 2005 on various cd compilations worldwide.
    for PW fans, this will be a real treat, as ALL of these tracks are not included in any of the 3 PW albums.
    so, stay tuned, if you're interested.
    here is the link of yesterday's playlist with info regarding the show's playing hours, etc.
    best regards, :)
  2. here is the special focus page:

    here is the special focus page:

    Date Title
    01/05 CDR from PW (containing various released compilation cd tracks)will be played
    01/12 Insight album will be played
    01/19 Far Away Light album will be played
    01/26 Existence album will be played

    thank you, :)