Parallel Worlds 3 videos & 2 new tracks

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  1. hello all,
    i have uploaded 2-minute exctracts from three "video clips", (actually they are not full video clips, just the background visuals that we perform with, when playing live...) in our PW website.
    check in this page and scroll down for the videos section:

    (the first video's track has a quite bad sound quality, sadly...)
    btw, the background visuals are a dynamic process, meaning that they change in almost every new live performance we play.
    also, in the PW myspace page, i have uploaded two "new" tracks from our 3 released albums that you can check out:
    the "new" tracks are "Expectations" from the "Far away light" (2005) album and "Unknown Souls part 1" from the "Existence" (2003) album.
    enjoy, or not...
    best regards,