Neues Corsynth C102 VC LFO

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  1. Corsynth is proud to introduce a new module the C102 VC LFO a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator with five waveforms available simultaneously.

    With three frequency ranges ( L, M, H ) the VC LFO can oscillate from one cycle every 7 minutes up to 1KHz. Thanks to this wide frequency range the LFO can be used to produce really slow and subtle modulations to audio frequency modulation (FM sounds).

    Another important feature is that the oscillation frequency can be voltage controlled using the FM input. You can modulate the frequency with an envelope, other LFO , sequencer etc. Using the FM input, it’s also possible to get extra waveforms like hyperbolic sine wave, hyperbolic cosine wave and more.. Just connect one of the VC-LFO outputs to its FM input and turn up the FM level potentiometer.
    The module will be available in February but all pre-orders made before the official release will have a 10% discount.

    More info :

  2. Here they are two videos demoing the VC-LFO :)


    New waveforms using self-modulation technique
  3. I save my money for that !
    Your OTA LP Filter is one of my favourite Modules :supi:
    Just why you are makeing the panels painted and not in the old Moog style like others Manufactures :sad:
    Not realy matter i have a Frankenstein MU Modular :selfhammer:
  4. Thanks!!! :D
    The reason that my panels are painted and silk-screened is that was almost impossible to find any company using Fotofoil ( original Moog material ) and that they will make a small batch :heul: , anyway also use painted and silk-screened panels ;-) .
  5. Your Modules are great anyway :phat:
  6. Thanks !!!! :prost:
  7. I like real slow oscilators :hut:
    But i need a new 5U Case :sad:
    I have 19 Space Unit Modules with no Case by my side :heul:
  8. A real Misery :sad:
    Just i look forward :D
  9. island

    island Modelleisenbahner

  10. Is it for Audio and Voltage ? :eek:
  11. Yes the modules works with audio and CV signals.