Parallel Worlds live @ European day of music, 22nd of June

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  1. Parallel Worlds live at the European day of music 2007 festival, 22nd of June, Athens, Greece:
    All info here:
    this festival will last 3 days and about 100 artists/groups from various countries and playing all kinds of music will participate, in various central squares and Institutes all over Athens.
    We will be playing at Kotzia Square, Athens. Apart from alternate versions of past album tracks we will present tracks from our forthcoming 4th album.
    Time: 17:30.
    Entrance is Free!
    Hope to see you there.

    Best regards,
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    cool, but for 99.9% users of this forum I assume a very far way..
    good luck - maybe it is cool to repost it on psychedelickitchen, because dr.walker is in greece..

    if you ever come to germany, switzerland, austria?..
  3. someday, hopefully... :)
  4. Re: Parallel Worlds live @ European day of music, 22nd of Ju

    what was i thinking?
    i mean 2006 of course!
  5. Moogulator

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    we are all interested in the future!!
  6. Re: Parallel Worlds live @ European day of music, 22nd of Ju

    hello all,
    for the first time, in cooperation with OTENET, there will be a live webcast of all the kotzia square concerts during the 3-days musicday festival (21,22,23 june).
    from 18:00 onwards, you'll be able to be "connected" to the music and the people in kotzia square!
    (Parallel Worlds are playing on the 22nd of June, 17:45.)
    all Europe and all Greece will be able to watch the music day party.
    the webcast will be broadcasted via these websites: and
    best regards, :)