Plague Bearer Modules

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  1. szmt

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  2. Ich weiss ja nicht. Keine CV-Abschwächer, keine Resonanz... für mich unspannend
  3. flight

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    Bitte enstchuldigen, ich kann nur ein Bisschen Deutsch.

    Nicht genau, es hat viel Resonanz. Es kann auch selbst-oszillieren. Es kann fast wie einen Kammfilter sich benehmen, und tut viel mehr auch.

    Es hat keine CV-Abschwächer, ja. Ich möchte bitte wissen, wieviele Leute hier denken, die in einem Modul wichtig sein würden?

    Vielen Dank!
  4. verstaerker

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    do you have any audio or video demos

    i can't see how to control the resonance and a least one CV attenuator would be important
  5. ACA

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    In my opinion every CV controllable parameter should have an attenuator.
    Doepfer is there on the right way.
    When i modulate a modul, i use in less then 10% the unattenuated CV input.

    OK, i know, to build attenuators in DIY is not a problem, but in this way you need more patchcables and your loosing the overview.

    Video/Audiodemo would be nice.
  6. flight

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    First, I should say that this is not a normal BPF. Es ist sehr anders.
    The gain controls the amount of resonance.

    There are a lot of samples :)
    >My old samples<
    >Recent sample to show self-oscillation and resonance Full demo, no editing (warnung: gross! 24MB WAV)

    ^- My samples are not very good - Ich bin kein Musiker. But here are some samples from some of my customers: You must be registered to see the samples on Muffwiggler.

    This module was designed to be fun, different, and cheap. That is why there are no attenuators. I am working on a "deluxe" version that will have even more control options.

    It is very important to me to hear new opinions and ideas, so thank you!
  7. As noone has said it before:

    :hallo: flight!
  8. gringo

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    Wow. Great torture distortions. Will do well in a noise band. :P

    Sounds really harsh and meaty with a guitar bass.

  9. flight

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    @ sadnoiss: Vielen Dank!
    @ gringo: Thanks! Yeah, it is not a clean filter :twisted: It can do a lot of strange things to your signals.
  10. verstaerker

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    wow that sounds awesome - rough and dirty!
  11. flight

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    Heh, thanks :) It takes a lot of playing around with to figure it out. All the settings interact. I thought about putting multi-turn or coarse/fine controls on it, and might do that for the big version.

    It can do clean/subtle filtering as well, but where is the fun in that?
  12. Anonymous

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    Sounds cool! I also think attentuators are a must for the big version. In case you build the big version I would buy a unit even for a higher price. If the gain parameter is something like resonance it might also be interesting to "break" up the resonance path to be able to use external sound processing modules like vcas or phasers in it. Doepfers Extreme Filter has this option and i think every filter should have that.
  13. flight

    flight .

    Thank you! I agree about the attenuators. Today, I went to a Synthesizer Meeting and finally had a chance to put the PB in a modular system (I don't have any synths). Now I understand why CV-attenuators are important! I think it needs an additional input attenuator as well - I had to run the source signal into a mixer first to attenuate it enough that the PB would not oscillate :oops:

    The "resonance insert" feature looks very interesting, I'll look deeper into that, thanks!
  14. flight

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