Ponto de Situação (dub, glitch, minimal, experimental, warm)

Dieses Thema im Forum "Your Tracks" wurde erstellt von ocp, 30. November 2006.

  1. ocp

    ocp Tach

  2. porchka66

    porchka66 Tach

    Sehr schöne Tracks!
  3. ocp

    ocp Tach

    Danke ;-)
  4. MaEasy

    MaEasy bin angekommen

    Sehr entspannt! Schöne 'Background'-Mukke. ;-)

  5. gcrump

    gcrump Tach

    Hat auch mir auf Anhieb sehr gut gefallen/ very nive tracks.

    @ocp: Hast Du Lust etwas über die Tracks bzw. deren Produtkion zu verkünden?
    @ocp: Won´t you tell a little bit about the tracks / the "making of ..."

  6. ocp

    ocp Tach

    The tracks were all done in Live 6.
    One feature I use a lot is "clip volume automation" and I tend to set the same clips in several tracks with different looping points (mostly percussion).
    Then come the plugins.
    I like to use the dfx Scrubby, Audio Damage reverbs/delays, a lot of active filtering and Vinyl to give tunes a lo-fi character.
    Oh! and I love dub :cool:


    P.S. sorry for not answering in german but I don't know enough to make myself clear.

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