Ponto de Situação (dub, glitch, minimal, experimental, warm)

Dieses Thema im Forum "Your Tracks" wurde erstellt von ocp, 30. November 2006.

  1. ocp

    ocp .

  2. Sehr schöne Tracks!
  3. ocp

    ocp .

    Danke ;-)
  4. MaEasy

    MaEasy ...

    Sehr entspannt! Schöne 'Background'-Mukke. ;-)

  5. gcrump

    gcrump .

    Hat auch mir auf Anhieb sehr gut gefallen/ very nive tracks.

    @ocp: Hast Du Lust etwas über die Tracks bzw. deren Produtkion zu verkünden?
    @ocp: Won´t you tell a little bit about the tracks / the "making of ..."

  6. ocp

    ocp .

    The tracks were all done in Live 6.
    One feature I use a lot is "clip volume automation" and I tend to set the same clips in several tracks with different looping points (mostly percussion).
    Then come the plugins.
    I like to use the dfx Scrubby, Audio Damage reverbs/delays, a lot of active filtering and Vinyl to give tunes a lo-fi character.
    Oh! and I love dub :cool:


    P.S. sorry for not answering in german but I don't know enough to make myself clear.