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Gregor Dys
Gregor Dys

re:natura veröffentlichen heute ihre zweite thematische Compilation!

Hier zwei Threads zum Hintergrund:

The natural world is full of patterns, shapes, symmetries, fractals and countless reiterations:
Stunningly beautiful orchids, mesmerising patterns on the Nautilus’ shell, population growth,
branching patterns of trees or the formation of dunes - all of nature’s manifold faces have
not only been admired by poets and painters but also form a body of work to many naturalists and scientists.

Great observers and thinkers like Plato, Pythagoras, Johann Kepler, Alan Turing and Benoît Mandelbrot have described,
analysed and studied symmetry, branching, spirals, chaos, waves, bubbles, tessellation and cracks.

In the second compilation, Ratio, nine international sound artists present their nterpretations on
nature’s geometry: Ranging from poetry, mathematical structures, sonification, euclidian rhythms to fractal music.

We invite you to join us: Stay tuned for our future endeavours!

As non-profit artist collective, we’ve decided to donate all of our proceed to Friends Of Nature Germany to support a healthy biodiversity.

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