Roland JV 1010 Bedienungs fragen


Hi zusammen. Hab eben mal die Anleitung überflogen. Tu mir noch bischen schwer...

Kann man gar nicht Speichern ohne Editor ? Will kein Editor benutzen und nur bischen Filter schrauben usw. Hab ja Midi Controller.
Aber in der Anlieitung steht irgendwie nichts über Speichern.


Nein, speichern kannst Du ohne Software nicht.
Es sind auch nur rudimentäre Edititiermöglichkeiten vorhanden, die Du vom Frontpanel aus machen kannst.

As you might imagine, one of the trade-offs with 1010 is that the amount of editing you can do from the front panel is pretty limited. Anything serious needs to be done either via the included editing software or dumps from another compatible JV-series synth. Even so, some basic editing is possible using the Value knob after entering Edit mode. Alongside the display window are five LEDs depicting MIDI, Patch, Performance, Rhythm and GM modes; pressing the Value knob steps through these options. The Volume knob also includes a push switch: this is normally used to audition patches using a short musical riff or phrase, but holding down Volume and pushing Value at the same time puts the unit into Edit mode. Any part may be selected for editing using the Part knob.
Unfortunately, the basic patch structure can't be edited at all from the front panel, though reverb, chorus and effect send levels can be adjusted along with part level, pan, tuning and voice reserve. All the preset patches are exactly the same as those of the JV2080, though many of the sounds that come loaded into the user memory are different, presumably because they take advantage of some of the waveforms from the Session ROM as well as from the basic JV2080 waveforms. This is actually a bit of a bonus, as the 2080's factory-loaded user patches are based on the bank E presets with octave shifts, so the 1010 actually gives you more different sounds to play with.
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Mit dem Kontroller macht es aber Spaß das Teil zu editieren, habe das mit einem Oxygene laufen und klappt so out of the box

Viele Grüße