Roland MKS-80, MPG-80 on Cubase SX problems...

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  1. TMM

    TMM .

    I contact You for your experience on the vintage analog synthesizers.

    I'm having problem with MKS-80, its controller MPG-80, the Edirol UM-880 midi interface and Cubase SX 3.1

    This is my actual midi cable configuration:

    UM-880 MIDI out---->MPG-80 MIDI in
    MPG-80 programmer out----> MKS-80 programmer in
    MKS-80 MIDI out----> UM-880 MIDI in

    (Is this configuration correct?)


    1) ON CUBASE If I try to use for midi in the "all midi inputs" option or the "MKS-80 in" to drive the MKS-80, It falls in a terrible midifeedback. I try to use another device to drive the MKS-80 on Cubase and all seems good, but I can't use the "all midi inputs" to drive the other synthezisers because the MKS-80 transmits the notes previously insert. :roll:

    2) Cubese doesn't recognise the movements of MPG-80 faders. :cry:

    Do You know a solution for these problems :?:



    P.S. Excuse me for my terrible English...
  2. moogulator

    moogulator Admin

    well the problem is, that the controller sends sysex which should not be resent through cubase..

    i did it using the programmer as a midi input BEFORE the computer which is routed through the computer midi in (cubase...) and then going to the mks80's in..

    so you can record the movements without feeback.. the mks80's out should not be fed into the computer again..

    (I have moved it to the english section..)

    aaand: WELCOME TO THE FORUM ;-)
  3. moogulator

    moogulator Admin

    like I wrote.. ;-)

    I can repost it.. but please no gear stuff via pm, I really get a hell lot pms..
    well just use the pg out to the computer in and the keyboard you are using should be merged to the programmers data.. after the comp you simply have the mks in, no out back to the computer.. only for edits..

  4. TMM

    TMM .

    Hi again! Thanks for your reply! :)
    but the MPG-80 (the programmer) hasn't a real "MIDI OUT"... :cry:

    It has only:

    -midi IN
    -programmer OUT (but it isn't a real midi: it's the 6 pins cable to
    connect MKS-80 with MPG-80)
    -midi THRU

    So,,, what I can do? :? I'm really confused... :?
  5. moogulator

    moogulator Admin

    oops, IU forgot about the mks80, I spoke of the mks50/pg300 and you are right.. it's the one with no midi but special pins..

    well in this case you just connect the mks80 like any other device..
    it sends and receives sysex.. I am sure about that, I had one and no programmer.. so using the programmer the sysex may not be sent when tweaking by the programmer.. not sure about that..

    sorry, it's my fault..

    just connect the out with the computer in and vice versa.. thats all you can do.. the problem : if it sends midi you should set your computer to not resend the data (no thru mode)..

    you need to try if it sends sysex when you tweak.. I can no more check that out..