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    I have the Roland VS890 whit Effect Board instaled but i have the opurtuniti to bey a Roland 1680 sense the Effect Board and i wand to now if the Effect Board of VS890 is the same like the VS1680 and can bi my self a change the effect bord,to istall the effect board of my VS890 in the VS1680 or this can made only Roland.
  2. I know the VS890 is a 24 Bit System (8 Channel Version of the VS1880), so it should use a VS8F-2 Roland Effectboad (the VS880 for Example only can Use the VS8F-1 Board).

    The VS1680/1880/2000/2400/2480 are using VS8F-2 Boards too, so there should be no problem.

    Installing or changing the Board is very easy, just some screws and al little click by your fingers ;-)

    You can install 2 Boards on the VS1680 so you have 4 Stereo to 8 Mono Effect Channels...

    With a Firmware Update (Midi Dump) for the 1680 you can use the VS8F-3 Boards too, that can be filled up with 2 optional Software Plugins (e.g. Antares, Urei and so on...)......I prefered 2 of the VS8F-2 Boards...


    Please check on the Roland Site (or on your VS890) if there is installed an extra Board, some VS Versions came out with integrated Effects, so I don´t know if there only came with the Board installed, or if there is installed something fix on the Mainboard...
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    thank you for the info. But i read thet the 1680 have 20 bit convertors and the 890 have 24bit maybe i look for the 1880 version.
  4. ...yes, that´s right, I don´t know how much you can hear a difference. Iam only using the digital Inputs/Outputs, so I don´t care of that feature.
    Internal the 1680 still works with 24 Bit too.

    The rest of the features between the 1680/1880 are nearly the same...the 1880 could be found not so often...and at least a bid more expensive...

    I recorded long years on a VS880VX (and I still do for some projects), this machine works with 18 Bit D/A transfer and internal 16 Bit and I never had the impression that the sound was bad...anyway, there might be some differences and at least you are free to choose your weapons ;-)
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    Re: roland

    There are no *real* 24bit audio converters.
    20 bits are 120dB dynamics, 24bits 144dB, the best converters might reach 112dB SNR, THD is even worse.
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    the thing that i want to do is to record external devices in the Roland and i will use the Analog Input but is really the same thing if the machine have 20 or 24 A/D D/A converters?because i think not or maybe am i wrong?

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