Ruediger Lorenz

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  1. Hi, have anyone of you heard from Ruediger Lorenz?

    I red somewhere that he wasn´t in life more, but I´m not shure. I tried to mail him on both the adressess on the website but mail returned. I really like the design of the Loran Modular. Anyone who bought anything from him?
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    Yes, he's not alive, but you can find some on Stephan Dargels Synth Database, I got some Vinyl and CDs here, he's one of the VERY FEW old school EM contributors that did/do not make me sleep instantly..

    his son still sells the rest of available records but I doubt the gear will be known outside ..

    the well known huuuuge space of LR's studio..

  3. Ok. I mean if his DIY project was for him self or did he sell DIY kits? and are they still available?

    Yes, that studio on the pic is amazing :)
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  5. Moogulator

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    ah, ok.. no it's only for himself..