Sir Dancealot FX Tool für Renoise

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    Tell me, sir Lancelot, do you... dance a lot?
    This tool is very good at quick insertion of FX in the chain of the currently selected track. Forget the mouse, use the keyboard.

    modus operandi / notes;

    Currently not all options (kind of 'tabs') work flawlessly - but this tool kicks butt ass to inserting fx quickly without givin you a mouse arm
    Press your set keyboard shortcut, then type the beginning of the device name you want to insert (it works best for native devs I think, does not work yet on renamed VSTs)
    Press space if you want to insert a device in a live setting 'inactively' - e.g. a #Send or a Delay and you want to first configure it before letting it have effect
    Press up/down to scroll lists, left/right to 'switch tabs'
    Press enter to insert
    have fun