Synthie EMS AKS in Dotcom Format

Hier gerade im Dotcom-Forum gepostet:

Hi All,

Thought I'd show some pics of my synthi A clone in
dotcom format.
It is not yet finished, but in the next months I won't
have much time to work on it so I'll show you what
I've got so far:

2 x VCO1
4 x VCO2
1 x Filter
1x dual ringmodulator
1x envelope shaper.

What I still need to finish:
2 envelope shapers
1 joystick module.

All the vco's switch between low and audio range so
VCO2 can act also as VCO3 in the original synthi. I've
also added a shape CV in and and sync in.

When everything is finished, I'll try to find a camera
and I'll post a video on youtube.

In the mean time, here are the pics. It is not my
hosting so they will only be there for a couple of

Last but not least I would like to thank Yves Usson
and Jürgen Haible for their help. I couldn't have done
it without them!

regards, Kris
Mhhhhh.. bei dem Typen gibt's auch Kloschüsseln, wie die erst tönen :P
wie er ankündigt, hat ers wieder runtergenommen, hab sie hier.. will sie aber nicht einfach hochladen, matrix hat sie aber online..

hier nochmal die matrix, die passen würde ;-)