Synthie EMS AKS in Dotcom Format



Hier gerade im Dotcom-Forum gepostet:

Hi All,

Thought I'd show some pics of my synthi A clone in
dotcom format.
It is not yet finished, but in the next months I won't
have much time to work on it so I'll show you what
I've got so far:

2 x VCO1
4 x VCO2
1 x Filter
1x dual ringmodulator
1x envelope shaper.

What I still need to finish:
2 envelope shapers
1 joystick module.

All the vco's switch between low and audio range so
VCO2 can act also as VCO3 in the original synthi. I've
also added a shape CV in and and sync in.

When everything is finished, I'll try to find a camera
and I'll post a video on youtube.

In the mean time, here are the pics. It is not my
hosting so they will only be there for a couple of

Last but not least I would like to thank Yves Usson
and Jürgen Haible for their help. I couldn't have done
it without them!

regards, Kris
wie er ankündigt, hat ers wieder runtergenommen, hab sie hier.. will sie aber nicht einfach hochladen, matrix hat sie aber online..

hier nochmal die matrix, die passen würde ;-)