The Muscarin – new semi-modular synthesizer

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Fundraising campaign continues to raise money for new semi-modular synthesizer Muscarin

Firstly Muscarin synthesizer is a noise\drone instrument for the synthesis of weird and very weird sounds. But we added total control and a friendly interface.

Knob technology is pleased to introduce its new device.
Muscarin analog synthesizer, based on an additive, subtractive and cross-modulation types of synthesis.
It is made for generating standard sounds and sound effects, as well as for extremely changing their sound while playing, converting it too complex structured noises. It has full manual hands-on controls (switches and knobs), as well as it can be controlled by CV (control voltage).


Early Muscarin synthesizers were made only for sound experiments and could be classified as noise generators, although it always was a powerful instrument, combining additive, subtractive, FM and Cross-modulation synthesis. Later it was decided to fully reconsider the concept of Muscarin, to widen its range of use, adding new functions, without limiting its noise abilities, and making it more universal and flexible. With this purpose, it was designed as 3u eurorack and has a lot of inputs and outputs.

Cross-modulation in action:


Muscarin is able to generate bass, lead, piano, organ, violin sounds. But it’s major difference is cross-modulation, which helps to create complex, multifactorial noises, and noise effects, as well as lo-fi drum and percussion sounds.


Technical specifications:
- Muscarin core - 4x VCO based on square wave, cross-modulation control "Bias", control by CV full range linear or 1v \ oct (4-octave range; 32-500 + Hz)
- LFO is a low-frequency oscillator, has two waveforms square and triangular.
- EG AR envelope generator. Can both receive an external gate signal, synchronize with the LFO, and automatically generate an envelope.
- VCF filter \ saturator 12db\oct has two modes of cutting high or low frequencies.
- VCA \ Gate-5x, voltage controlled amplifiers. They stand one on each generator before the filter and one on the common output. In their heart are the vactrols. That is very much reflected in the sound. Management of both internal and external sources of CV.
-The front panel is made of plexiglass
- You can choose as a desktop version in a wooden case (pine, CNC milling) and as a module for eurorack without a case, the front panel at choice - Plexiglass or Aluminium
The weight of the device is 600 g, height 3u, length 48HP depth 4 cm.
Power supply 12V. 200mA max.

Now we have passed the prototyping and testing stage and added a lot of functional changes.
Our campaign has reached 54% financing.
Fundraising campaign available - Muscarin- semi-modular synthesizer | Indiegogo

Demo tracks on Muscarin synth


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