[tisch05]Markus Masuhr-Mikadoplastik (incl. Sr. Replicante)

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    Artist: Markus Masuhr
    Titel: Mikadoplastik
    Label: Tisch-Records
    Katalog-Nummer: [tisch05]
    Style: abstract/weird minimal
    Homepage: http://www.tisch-records.org

    Markus Masuhr strikes again with an hard hitting weird minimal EP.
    Support comes from Sr. Replicante (Argentinia) with an extra freaky remix.
    Last but not least you can enjoy the rompling Braindamage Edit which contains very broken and weird sound movements.

    01. Markus Masuhr - Muskle Minikant
    02. Markus Masuhr - Mikadoplastik
    03. Markus Masuhr - Mandola Claptiks
    04. Markus Masuhr - Mikadoplastik (Sr. Replicante Remix)
    05. Markus Masuhr - Mikadoplastik (Braindamage Edit)

    click here for visiting tisch-rec. Homepage and downloading EP.

    ### big hugs to audiohead for mastering ###