[tisch15] Sven Laux meets Grobe Ovai - chop suey ep

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    Artist: Sven Laux meets Grobe Ovai
    Titel: Chop Suey Ep
    Label: Tisch-Records
    Katalog-Nummer: [tisch15]
    Style: abstract/weird/funky minimal + techno
    Homepage: http://www.tisch-records.org

    Sven Laux meets Grobe Ovai.
    Germany meets Uruguay.
    Berlin meets Montevideo.
    funky meets weird.

    This time Sven Laux and Grobe Ovai have come together to serve you a weird and funky pork chop with chutney recipe.
    Take a seat at "tisch" and have fun.

    01. Sven Laux - Mandoline
    02. Sven Laux - Chop Suey
    03. Grobe Ovai - Cachiporra
    04. Grobe Ovai - Kindergarten

    click here for visiting tisch-rec. Homepage and downloading EP.

    ### big hugs to audiohead for mastering ###