Velvet Acid Christ remixt NIN + Gear interview

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  1. VAC hat NIN geremixt und erzählt auch gleich mit welchen Synths und wie

    Song gibt´s kostenlos hier: ... vacmix.mp3

    guck mal: ... elvet.html

    ”bryan, what gear did you use?

    Well the main bass line is the future retro revolution, the chorus is my modular stacked with the korg micro x. drums are xbase 09, and some samples coming out of logic. i streamed all the audio tracks out into my onyx 1620, and some into the 1202 vlz pro that goes back into the onyx. Ran the modular the ksp8 stereo rotor fx with a band pass bass sound doubling the huge microx bass distorted thing, the band pass sounds was 2 plan b osc pwm hardcore. the weird noises at the end were some of my filter fm sounds from the ssm module and the planb osc. It’s a pretty simple mix, and of course i used a lot of the weird noises that were buried in the original mix and brought them out.. I ran it all back in through my fireface 800 and recorded it into logic, than put it in wavlab and ran the l3 on it to get it a little louder. but its not really mastered much. so its really raw still..

    i hope this gets some club play..

    Why did i do this remix? to tip my hat to trent. why? because he is the only industrial star i still like, he went hard core animal rights, and his vocals still have tons of emotion, that is not something i can say about the other industrial acts making new records recently.. I think there is a big lack of emotive passionate vocals in the dark electronic scene as of late. so i really turned up Trent’s voice in the mix, you can really tell he gives a fuck about what he says and that he means it with a lot of intent.. i really love that about his work. and i just couldn’t let the remix contest past, even tho i think i missed the due date by a mile oh well, if this is just a net thing, then so be it..


    ausserdem netter Chat mit dem Matrixsynth über Synthesizer und so was: ... f-vac.html
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  3. jub VAC kann schon was. Grad zu pfingsten am wgt eine CD gekauft. Stand schon lange auf meiner Wunschliste^^