Which Sound Bank of Waldorf

After a little problem with the Waldorf Micro Q i decided to send the synth to Stadler Electro Deutschland and after repared they must decide which Sound Bank to burn in the memory of the synth,and really i have listened only the first bank's of the Factory 2001 Sound Bank before the synth.stoped to work. But new sound bank dont meen that is better that the old sound bank,and my question is for psy.tech , minimal what is the best bank. In some forum i read that the old OS. 2,14 was more stable that the new 222. tnk
honestly? the best sounds are made by yourself.. normally.. I did not find much more than 10 usable sounds (If I would use presets..) ;-)

ok any1 on this one? .. this is very much for the sounds section..

yes this is the true allmade by self is the best sound, todey finaly i have make the Midi dump to the synth. but now in continue is this message checksum error,i change the time in my Sequencer and the midi file but the same error.But i send it :). tnk