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7./8.5.2016 Geräuschwelten Festival / Münster

Impressions from Geräuschwelten Festival

all presented in 4-Channel audio, so most of the acts played 4 independent channels..

day 1: Hitoshi Kojo, Lucrecuia Dalt (did not catch a moment for an image, it was simply too dark..) and Fovea Hex
day 2: TAGC (The Anti Group), BJNilsen, Kallabris and Roel Meelkop

Köln 11.2. Live: Thomas Lehn (@EMS Synthi A) & Yann Leguay (DIY HardDrive)

Thomas Lehn ist bekannt für seine Performance am Synthi A, er führte dieses Mal eine 4-Kanal-Beschallung vor mit live gespieltem EMS und dem Rechner als Positionierung im Raum. Die kleine Platine, die man auf dem Bild sieht brachte rauschhaftere noisigere und knacksendere Ergebnisse…

Yann Leguay hat mit einigen geöffneten Festplatten mit Klinkenbuchsen rein “analog” durch drehen der Platte Töne erzeugt, diese entsprechend gesteigert und mit den Leseköpfen Rhythmen erzeugt, außerdem 2 Tonabnahmesystem (Plattenspieler) um insgesamt den Sound noch vielfältiger zu gestalten.

Yann_Leguay407 Yann_Leguay426 Yann_Leguay417 Yann_Leguay405 Thomas_Lehn370 Yann_Leguay86Thomas_Lehn360 Thomas_Lehn337 Thomas_Lehn312 Thomas_Lehn308 Thomas_Lehn323 Thomas_Lehn329

today I just saw these 2:
– Thomas Lehn – performing on his EMS Synthi A via a quad speaker system (with help of the computer routing 2 channels from the EMS to the 4 of the PA)

  • Yann Leguay prepared hard drives to work as an analog sound source (by speed creating tuned sound and turning the head creating rhythms) and added some turntable kind of technique to add more texture to it.

it all happened in Cologne (Köln, Germany) in the Stadtgarten – at a concert series called Reihe M

19.11. Köln (Kalk) – Modular Event 19:30 – Papageorgiadis/Sicault (Trap & Zoid) – Machida – Niggemann

Für Kurzentschlossene.

vintage modular event köln
pics – from the event:

Eine herzliche Einladung zum Konzert mit:
Yoshio Machida & Constantin Papageorgiadis aka Trap & Zoid;
LCDrone (Laura Sicault & Constantin Papageorgiadis aka Trap & Zoid)
Kai Niggemann (Paradeiser Productions) – Live

Modularsynthesizer (EMS SYNTHI AKS, Buchla 200e),Fieldrecordings, Geräuschchor, selbst gebaute Klangerzeuger und akustische Instrumente, …

Wir freuen und über Spenden bei freiem Eintriit

this evening is entirely dedicated to showcasing the sounds and improvisations that come exclusively from modular synths. the four musicians perform in various constellations, to complete the evening all artists will join together for a stunning jam session. 
donations are very welcome 

Constantin Papageorgiadis aka Trap & Zoid und Yoshio Machida arbeiten mit den seltenen Vintage Modular Synthesizern von EMS SYNTHI AKS. Sie werden einen Synthi 100 spielen und ein spezielles Interface zwischen zwei Synthesizern, das von Papageorgiadis gebaut wurde. Während Machida sein Instrument als Rhythmusmaschine versteht und damit Pattern kreiert, beginnt Trap & Zoid bei Null und baut progressiv einen einzigen evolutionären Strang, um den Synthi zu unterstützen.

Kai Niggemann arbeitet mit Buchla Modularsynthesizer und Fieldrecordings, Geräuschchor, selbst gebauten Klangerzeugern und akustischen Instrumenten, leitet das Theaterlabel “PARADEISER productions” zusammen mit Ruth Schultz, ist Mitglied von “The Dorf”, improvisiert mit “Great Big Noise” und gründete das Internet-Computermusik- “European Bridges Ensemble” (EBE) sowie das elektroakustische Duo “Resonator” mit. Er performt solo und mit Partner*innen, hat einen Lehrauftrag an der Kunstakademie Münster und gibt Musik-Elektronik-Workshops (“Löten unter Aufsicht”).

Yoshio Machida (JP) is well-known as an electronics artist and steelpan player. In his later work he focusses more on the use of analog modular synths which resulted in his latest solo album ‘Music from the SYNTHI’ on French label Baskaru in 2014. The album was made using only his SYNTHI AKS, without any effects and outboards, displaying a very organic sound. Using the flexibility and characteristics of SYNTHI, he improvises contemporary rythmic patterns, glith, clicks… without any usage and sounds from a computer. Machida studied minimal art, music and film at the Tama Art University. In the 1990s, Machida worked for an international cooperation in Asia and Africa. Machida’s first album Hypernatural (1999) had been featured with Brian Eno and Oval (band) on David Toop’s article about Generative music. In 2001, Machida started to play improvised music by Steelpan with computer program Max/MSP. In 2004, Machida founded an experimental music label Amorfon.

Trap & Zoid (BE) After playing rock’n’roll bass and upright bass for 20 years, Constantin Papageorgiadis is today a well-known figure in the EMS Synthi world, on both musical and technical sides. He serviced tens of EMS instruments, including the IPEM’s rare Synthi 100 in Ghent, and imagined an original way to expand their features that was great success and led him to be on regular and friendly touch with numerous Synthi users from around the world. He recently released a vinyl and uses to perform with his favorite suitcase as a one-human electronic solo project named Trap&Zoid. His live approach is to start from nothing, progressively create a single evolutive patch and support the Synthi through it. No computer, no preset, no cheating. Trap & Zoid recently released a new vinyl solo album ‘Synthi Lag’ which can be purchased at

LCDrone (BE) (various modular synths)
From Belgium we present to you the duo LCDrone. Enjoy the raw live sound of Laura Sicault and Constantin Papageorgiadis – aka Trap&Zoid, her SEM, his Synthis, some other gear (no computer of course!), a few effects and weird inspiration… You’ll be suprised of the end result!

kuratiert von Georg Dietzler in Zusammenarbeit mit der Baustelle Kalk.

Raumklänge – Ortsbezogene Musik ist eine Plattform für raumerforschende Musik, Hörstudien und erweiterte Aufführungspraxis, wie lassen sich Musik und Orte immer wieder auf’s Neue erleben. Vorgestellt werden Auftragswerke, improvisierte Musik, Hörstücke und Klangkunst für Orte in Pulheim-Stommeln und Köln.

Baustelle Kalk | Kalk-Mülheimer Straße 124 | 51103 Köln

14.11.15 Holly Herndon in Dortmund

Needed to tell them in advance to come – so I just told them me+1 – be there at exact 22:00 and free. So I did and on top of the Dortmunder U we all were in a white room – now time to start –

Holly Herndon has Mathew Dryhurst for all the live visuals and communication on stage, he moved all the GFX around and send messages typed in to us. is it loud enough? This is hand made! we are humans! Fuck the NSA even though it is sort of commonly used now – still and a lot of .. pure fun & enjoyment.
starting with the voice of her amazing co-singer. ending up with one extra song for her “solo” which is in fact her work – I could hear her original voice – not just the processed ones which added a nice subtle goodness to it!
never miss her, when you are near a chance to witness her performance. btw – there was also some nerdy stuff like that little machine that can listen to everything electronic and makes it audible. One of my highlights this year, thanks Dortmunder U for giving this high quality artist event to us for free (!!), thanks Holly Herndon!
Anyway – in case you never listened to her:

Hier ein Musiktipp: 
Nur eins – das war super.Holly Herndon

Achja, total wichtig – Holly fand meine Hose toll. Super ;)

Frank Bretschneider & Thomas Köner – Dortmund 2012

Just had the chance to see both live which is quite rare, ..

both brought minimalistic setups, all took place in a (red coloured) cinema –

Frank Bretschneider 
very intresting to see Frank had the Octatrack and did almost all the music on it, the Mac Pro (yes, it had the older keyboard, so it must be an early intel one, thanks to the comment it is NOT a PowerPC Powerbook since it has a Magsafe Connector < – updated) – very much on the spot!!

Interview in Deutsch mit Frank Bretschneider in SynMag 39

A Raster Noton Act,raster-noton | archiv für ton und nichtton.

And Thomas Köner played a nice dark ambient set, a computer – a nano control, that’s it – big sub basses! (Denovali Records,  [])

some more impression..






Mi. 14.11. | 20:00 UHR | VVK 9,-€ zzgl Geb. / AK 10,-€ FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER (RASTER NOTON)
THOMAS KÖNER (Denovali / Type Rec. / Touch)

Ein Erlebnis für alle Sinne bietet sich am zweiten Veranstaltungstag des U-TOPIA Festivals im RWE Kino im Dortmunder U. Media Artist Thomas Körner und Soundtüftler Frank Bretschneider werden dem Motto U-TOPIAs in allen Belangen gerecht. Brettschneider ist ein Meister in der Kombination althergebrachter Produktionsmethoden aus dem Bereich analogen Equipments mit neuesten Technologien und kreiert so wundervolle Klangwelten, die schon für sich das Kino im Kopf in Gang setzen. In Verbindung mit den synchron zum Sound verlaufenden digitalen Bildwelten ergibt sich ein außergewöhnliches Live-Cinema-Erlebnis. Auch Sound-, Video- und Performance-Künstler Thomas Köner unterstreicht sein athmosphärisches Set durch eindrucksvolles Bewegtbild. Ein Abend, der Musik, Kunst und Technologie auf allerhöchstem Niveau vereint. Im Anschluss kann hinterher noch zu den Sounds von Sven Laux und Mike DnmK im Ruby gelounget werden. Für Festivalbesucher ist zudem die Medienkunst-Ausstellung „Sounds Like Silence” des HMKV in der 3. Etage des U von 18 bis 20:30 Uhr kostenlos geöffnet.

ORT: RWE KINO im Dortmunder U, Leonie-Reygers-Terasse, 44137 Dortmund  –> MI.14.11. | U-TOPIA CINEMA-CONCERT: FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER | THOMAS KÖNER


Worsel Strauss – Unattention Economy CD out

Worsel Strauß is an experimental project from germany.
the new CD is available at

the basic idea behind this album was to create all tracks on the idea of “autoplaying” patches. one of the basic universes this is achieved by a buchla 200e (you can see it by just searching for happy knobbing 2012 on youtube and worsel) – and therefore it is synth’ly said the west coast “buchla” approach to synths and patching that is used here.

release / label :

the album is about confronting youself or the inner self to fear which is almost the source of (uncertainty and  losing control.
let me say he is right on this on a spiritual level as well.

checking out for intelligence behind patches and creation of something new could be easily translated to “life” (to me it seems obvious). so this could be a test for triggers that may change from it’s own “inherent dynamics” to something that is fully under control – and now remember the fear- thing as a topic – can you call it music and where does it start or does it matter the moment the music is been generated or is it still the idea of the composer? well ask yourself – are you able to follow the red team? ;)

here is one of the tracks – note that others do not sound “the same” ;)

via Worsel Strauss – Swarm Intelligence – YouTube.