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909 day: DJ808 – a TR drummachine, 8 samples, DJ controller + Jupiter 8 + Juno 106 Plugout free with System

first about 909 day/event: everything is said an new things beside a turnbtable and battle mixer – from now on only details will follow.

some images of that new Serato / Roland controller with 16 step TR-kind of sequencer in it. introduced by 2 CEOs..
it has a TR808 in it (drums) – 16 pattern. – 4 drumkits: 606,909,606,808 in it. so it’s basically a TR8 in it called TR-S. plus DJ stuff. of course.
the pads play samples – so it’s also a sampler for performance and fast recording and vocal transformer in it as well (right top corner)


  • 4kanal Serato-Controller
  • Integrierte TR-S Drum-Maschine Sounds aus 606, 707, 808 and 909
  • 16-Step Sequencer,
  • 8-Slot Serato DJ Sampler
  • RGB Performance Pads für Hotcues, Loop Rolls, Slicer, Sampler etc.
  • TR-Pad Mode für die Drum Maschine und Pitch Play, Drum
  • Sounds triggerbar auch über Performance Pads.
  • Integrierter Roland VT Voice Transformer mit Pitch Shifting und
  • Auto Vocal Key Matching
  • 2 AIRA-Link USB-Ports
  • Serato DJ Enabled, Pitch ‘n Time DJ inklusive
  • Serato DVS-fähig
  • 24bit/96kHz Audiointerface
  • Dual-Deck Mode
  • 100 Millimeter Pitchfader
  • XLR, Klinke und Chinch-Out
  • MIDI-Out
  • Dedizierte Loop- und Pitch-Play-Sektionen

-> Deutscher Text zum Roland DJ808 – Drummachine – Sampler – Controller – Voice Transformer in einem

  • Juno 106 & Jupiter 8 are included Plugouts when buying a System 8!Aeorphone with Sax-“Control/fingering”roland-aerophone
    with internal sound – not yet clear (maybe the only secret kept until 4:00)roland-museum-2 roland-museum roland-museum-3

Here’s an overview of what’s happening when:
germany / deutschland – add 2 hours – 2 Stunden dazu zählen.

Stream Link:

04:00 Dance DJ category feat product A
10:00 Keynote speech from Jun-Ichi Miki, CEO of Roland
10:10 Drums & percussion category, Product I
10:30 Amplifier category, products A, B, C, D, effects category product A
11:10 V-MODA and Roland join forces


16:00 Piano & keyboards category: Product E,F
16:30 Piano & keyboard category: Product B

-Mehr Wiederholungen-

18:00 Drums & percussion category: product A, J
19:00 Synthesizer category: products B, C, D

20:00 -Wiederholungen-

23:00 New categories: Product A
23:20 Synthesizer category: Products A
00:00 Dance DJ category: product A
02:00 Piano, keyboards product A; Dance DJ products A, B, C, new categories product A, video switcher product A
03:00 Special session with new products.

Find Details of System 8, VP03, TB03 and TR09 by scrolling down

System 8
System 8
VP03 Vocoder
VP03 Vocoder

Nice! Happy 909 day #RolandBoutique @roland_us #TB03 #TR09

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Musotalk – Aktuelles unter dem Zeichen des großen Roland

Wer reden über Roland:
System 8 (mit Jupiter 8 Plugout, Video dazu hier), TB03 & TR09, Vocoder VP03, (und DJ808 wegen Vollständigkeit) Features, Abgleich – hier schnell mal alle Bilder dazu zum selbst nachsehen…

– Apple

update: es gibt einen Adapter für 2X Lightning oder Lightning & Audio – $40 – Fremdhersteller Belkin. – unsmart ist das schon. Ob er auch Audio IN “kann”, ist noch nicht klar. Apples eigener Adapter scheint nur Audioausgang zu sein, Eingang unklar – die Formulierung bei Apple lässt eher Schluss zu “nur Ausgang” zu weil wohl auch ein Wandler im Kabel eingebaut sein muss.

  • und Details..
    während der Sendung kam das hier “rein” (NI Maschine Jam)

Quatsch: Appleplugs für alle.

und natürlich die Site von Kollege Tom: Synthanatomy- ROLAND LEAKS

Was mit in der Sendung nicht einfallen wollte war dies

und das Sid-Dingens dazu wäre das:
Also Twisted Electrons – also total “was mit S” ;)

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Roland JX8P – 3 LFOs & 128 Patches, Sequencer, Arpeggiator – Kiwi 8P

Kiwi Electronics offer a complete new button-strip and new processor that brings
– sequencer
– arpeggiator
– 128 patches and new better access to them
– 3 LFOs
to the JX8P
it can also access another JX to extend the number of voices.
– mod matrix – 8 slots with sidechain control (wow!)
and to me big pleasure:
– faster envelopes
– voice detune (per voice detune)

it’s all called the KIWI-8P
-> the original -> Roland JX8P Analog Synthesizer

kiwi jx8p

auf deutsch nochmal Kiwi 8P – Was man aus einem alten Synthesizer machen kann – JX8P mit 3 LFOs, Modmatrix…


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Synthstrom Audible “Deluge” – Sampler / Sequencer

Samplers look like controllers, controllers like samplers or Sequencers. This one is a hardware sequencer and reminds of the Novation Ciruit – that got the 3rd update to make sampling possible (or at least to upload your own samples to it).

Here’s something new from a new company called the Deluge” –
let’s liste the features – but also tell: it’s a prototype, it has no price and there are 20 users so far, so it will be posted later..

atm it is:
Sequencer, Synth, Sampler
16×8 Pads, all colour LED Pads
Min 48, up to 64 voices (dynamically by DSP power)
64MB RAM, 32GB exp. via SD Card
12 min sample time per sample
FX and classic structures, multimode filter, ENVs, LFOs (not exactly known atm)
4 Waveforms (Synth)
MIDI in/out, USB
2x CV, 4x Gate out, Trigger In (Clock)
Battery inside
built in speaker / microphone – mobile concept!

start: 25.9.2016

Düsseldorf und Berlin

deluge deluge-animation-final

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7.9. frustrating Apple Keynote – iPhone 7 (no audio – free adapter) / Watch 2, No Macs.

  • frustrating event for musicians.
    and for those waiting for new Macs – they may have another event for them..
    Watch Series 2 swim proof (water resistant). Series 2
    with 2Core Processor. 60fps video. brighter display. GPS, $370
    old one $260 still buy the old shi’at.

watch 2

guess what? you may take your iPhone to swimming the pool but not listening to music, then? anyway it’s just a show.

  • iPhone 7 / iOS 10
    Musicians: don’t buy or think more than twice especially when mobile!! below is why:
    how do they sell us the audiojack is missing?
    – better cam, multi LED light/flash, processor for images,
    – front cam 7Mpixel, both cams: with optical stabilization
    – water resistant.
    – home button – taptic engine replaces classic mech switch/buttonphone 7 design iphone 7 xiphone7 home tap
  • 7plus: dual cams -12MPixel tele and normal
    1x – 10x with soft zoom
    calculates between both lenses and makes it better via processing. – “the depth effect”
    – better display – more colours – 3D Touch, brighter
    iphone 7plus 2cams
  • talk about audio:
    speakers – 2x louder, better sound
    stereo iphone
    – lightning for audio – no more audio out
    – sorry – it’s bullshit!digital audio. with or without latency? well it’s via lightning so assume it is ok –
    no matter.. they sell special earphones for lightning- but others won’t work sorry. worst idea ever seen!the stereo (new) speakers are ok to have. but no audio out without charging? –
    they put that adapter in (“free”) without POWER supply of the iphone with it – so listening or charging?? you need to decide when listening to something – in cars or on the way.. all wireless (again bullshit) – I had no apple headphones that last longer than some weeks or month. baaaad idea. well – car stereo or PA via audio out adapter won’t allow charging with this adaptor and you may keep an eye on it and with you everywhere you are.
    UPDATE: there is a 3rd party product to charge and listen – but it’s $40 – 2 versions: 2x lightning or lightning and audio.
    well – this adapter can be ordered for 9€ – so it’s cheap for an Apple-cable and is free for those iPhone 7 users – but – it needs to have the DAC in it,  –
    UPDATE: Audio-Adapter Info (german/deutsch)
    it has microphone in, it has a DAC and ADC inside and it’s quality is below the one in the iPhone 6/6s – seems to make more noise – but it works for those who do not need high quality. so it is Consumer – the Pro user won’t gonna love it. 

    I don’t know if it’s “good”..they want to sell their  headphones called airpods.airpods wireless

  • these $159 pods (!!) have an accelerometer – tap it to say something to Siri, starts playing the music when insert correctly – plus J.Ive blah .. well. that’s for the listener, it’s NOT for the musicians – 5h lasting battery – but trust me – they may be gone within month ;)  – it’s sensors detect speech/voice – how they call it.- it’s case is a battery as well – so it will charge when kept in that case – not bad – but maybe ok for consumers. Not ok for musicians.
  • I leave out that Beats Phones, with same tech – since they sound really really awful till now (no trebble in it, just bass, worst I ever listened to).
  • the good one is:
    A10 Processor Fusion, 4core, 64bit, 40 faster than A9 (iphone 6/iPad Pro, Graphics 50% fasterA10 fusion processor
    -> 2
    56GB max, 32GB minimum good decision.
    order iPhone: 16.9.
    iOs 10 – coming on Sept.13th.
    MacOS Sierra: Sept.20th.
    prices – in the EU – more expensive!!  – but they’re keeping the old line for a bit less. not convinced, apple. sorry.
  • iPads – older iPads (Air 2) can be ordered with 256GB as well- now. – so old’ish technology is ok – most of the iPads got cheaper or more RAM for the same price, now – secretly. iPad Mini 4 – also more RAM, now.  No changes on iPad Pro.
  • No Macs – will be another event..

*relevant things will be highlighted.

the rest of it..

tim cook

this will update as soon as it was said at the event.. ;)

now and here – the stream is here.
Diskussion auf Deutsch – hier: 7.9. Apple Keynote

  • intro:
    some talk, funny stuff & singing, supermario-inventor comes and tells things about games and other stuff not relevant for us outside the us & iWork – Collaboration (multi user features), Apple Watch OS 3 – Pokemon go @
  • ending: Sia performs, sounds nice. but more commercial..


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3.9. Oberhausen – Katastrophia, Te/Dis, Qual, Group A

!-warmup / aftershow:
Dr. Creep / Die Klapse
P Krazy / Unikatineur
-music like: darkwave – angstpop – batcave – postpunk – witchhouse

20°° Delirium Screening  / Music: Drug Machine (SP404 based)
21°° Katastrophia – Preset Portable Key with Ringmod Pedals – great Job on that!, Piano 2x Things with Strings & FX Kaoss Pad Quad, Vocals
22°° Te/DIS – Yamaha Vector Synth SY35/22 & Microbrute, Vox
23°° QUAL – MPC1000, Waldorf Pulse II, Volca (FM), Vox
24°° Group A – MS20 Mini, TR707, FX, Violin & FX, Vocals
01°° Dj`s

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Roland Leak 3 – Vocoder VP03

Final Leak – Boutique-sized Vocoder VP03 –
does what the VP330 did vocoding incl String Synth (full polyphonic string machine) and synthetic “human voice” as well – of course it’s digital but in the same quality as Aira/Boutique – very close.

chord memory is also in here.
sampling vocoded phrases is possible as well!


P330 – all knobs are replicated from the original..


new things: System 8 , TB03 & TR09, Vocoder VP03, DJ808.

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