Besuch beim FabLab Berlin

Dies ist der wirkliche Nerd-Platz in Berlin.
Man kann hier 3D Drucker, Platinenwerkzeuge, Holzbearbeitung, Metallbearbeitung, sogar Carbon-Werkstoffe bearbeiten, Prototyping machen und sich Dinge einfallen lassen. Es gibt kompetente Leute und Mate.

Ich bin mal durch gelaufen und habe mit Leuten gesprochen. Entwicklung von Synthesizern ist hier faktisch wie “Zuhause”. Hier werden wir vielleicht noch mal was zusammen machen. Eintritt ist übrigens frei.


Das Titelbild könnte der Schauplatz sein, wo Blixa Bargeld Hornbach liest..

Berlin 11-13.8. Playground A/V Audiovisual Festival, Maze Club

exhibition / concerts / jam sessions / creative chaos
w/ noise machines / noiseboxes / circuit bending / modular synths / glitchart / tv installations / visualnoise projections

see all images here..
Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-17 um 18.44.59

UPDATE: today – Maze Club, Mehringdamm – 19:00 Nerdic Stuff – 22:00 Music Performances..
time table very soon..

will also be transmitted via LSB TV – there will be live-streams and you can come to see us with:

this on Saturday 13.8.2016

schedule may change.. (maybe playing a bit earlier) – just be there.
rough and first version of the timetable lsb.TV floor
22 h per martinsen aka mental overdrive aka waveform
23:00 h mijk van dijk
23:45 h peter kirn feat gabriela prochazka (light artist)
00:30 Skwerl ( birdkids)
01:15 h hippy-ESC
01:45 h girts feat madara (erica synths) modular + clarinet
02:30 hiT͟Hərˈto͞o ⧺ aiKia
03:15 moogulator
04:00 h ümit han
04:45 h nerk
05:30 h kodek
06:15 h till end — bendeg & henriko s sagert
note: synth’n’noise will happen 19-22:00… ;)


4youreye / lsb.TV / Maze & Liquid sky berlin
Playground A/V Berlin @ Maze
3 floors of audiovisual madness
live tv transmission via ALEX Berlin
massive videoinstallation by
Michael Hofauer
Donald Hanson from gifSlap
and other visual artists
special artexhibition by Simon Lejeune ( Haedre / Vonkor Lab )
additional tv installation by Patrick Peetz ( Odrex Music)
muzzikk by
playground av vienna floor:
G.error / Lichtbogen Musik
Oliver Gruen (35 grad / hausgemacht)
Thormann (Playground AV / SunThing)
Marc St. James (Basic Code)
Denis Yashin (Schönbrunner Perlen)
Braim (SunThing / Basic Code)
4youreye ProjectionArt (Playground AV Vienna / Lichtbogen Wien)
Mischa Beton
Danz (untertagetechno, lichtbogensound)

lsb.TV floor
Mijk van Dijk
Ümit Han
aeiou/kadaver (Bastl Instruments)
Peter Kirn ( CDM )
Nerk (V-Records / Toktok)
hiT͟Hərˈto͞o ⧺ AiKia ( female:pressure )
Skwerl ( birdkids)
Per Martinsen aka mental overdrive aka waveform
Girts feat Madara (Erica Synths) Modular + Clarinet
Ben Deg
Henriko S. Sagert

modular lounge
co-hosted by
the Bastl Instruments family
Error instruments feat
Paul Tas
Aj Fourier (
Gijs Gieskes
Alex Smith & Twisted-Electrons
Plastiq Wiener aka Goldwiener
Robin Burke aka Robbertunist
Igor Bln aka Textur
and many many more.
(who did we forget?)

stay tuned for news.
this is part of the Playground A/V Berlin – audiovisual art festival
Noise.Berlin – noisemachines / circuit bending / exhibition / concerts / tv transmission – playground a/v berlin opening
AudioVisual Ambient Jam #02 / Playground A/V Berlin

this on thursday 11.8.2016

… a rough shedule / timetable for thursday.
of course this might change again and again
note there will be sessions and workshops 19.-21.00 (free)!

tv stage
21 h noise jam 1
22 h CYN:apse / jeff donaldson
22:30 h michael schweiger
23 h noise jam 2
00 h moogulator
01 h noise jam 3
02 h M-F-X
02:20 h ruja kiss aka noise kiss
02:50 h noise jam 4
04 h azop corp
04:30 h 20 billion eyes
05 h ICD-10
05:30 h ?
06 h ?
(the tv transmission is from 00 – 06 h BUT the other hours will be recorded at transmitted via ALEX Berlin in the next 2 weeks)

datis 5 L
henriko s sagert
twin peetz
felix fx
sheldon drake

modular lounge
opening by sheldon drake
then jam sessions by bastl instruments & error instruments
& erica synths & twisted electrons & friends

when we close – well thatz up to you how hard you are able to party! if the crowd is rockin we will go on and on.

as mentioned: this time shedule will change again
so beloved artists: feel free to leave comments / suggestions / questions

4youreye / Maze / Neu West Berlin / lsb.TV / Liquid sky berlin&Noise.Berlin
NOISE.BERLIN – playground a/v berlin festival opening
@ maze club berlin & neu west berlin
event starts 19:00
entrancefee: 5 euro
tv transmission via ALEX Berlin starts midnight c.e.t.
untill 6 am friday morning

line up
Uli Sigg
the Bastl Instruments family
the Erica Synths family feat KODEK
the Error instruments feat Paul Tas / Gijs Gieskes
aj fourier from
Alex from Twisted-Electrons
Robin Burke aka Robbertunist
Igor Bln aka Textur
@kasia justka – Kas Just
Simon Schäfer aka der Warst
Charles Andreo from and with Basslet
Ruja Kiss aka #noisekiss
Patrick Peetz aka #twinpeetz
Michael Schweiger aka sonifer aka SoniLumatrice
Sheldon Drake
Pavel Mikhaylov aka 20billioneyes
Donald Hanson from gifSlap
Plastiq Wiener aka Goldwiener
Datis Five-el
Dario Beat Juric
AJ Polonia
Ge-stell aka Scald Rougish
M-F-X feat Dr Walker / Asbest
Azop Corp / AzopCorp.
Guido Braun aka ICD-10
daniel katzenstab

special artexhibition by Simon Lejeune ( Haedre / Vonkor Lab )

special art exhibition by Dani Ludwigs

stay tuned!
this is the whole festival:
Playground A/V Berlin – audiovisual art festival
this is the friday show:
AudioVisual Ambient Jam #02 / Playground A/V Berlin
saturday program @ Maze
Playground A/V at Maze Berlin – 3 floors of audiovisual madness


PPG Phonem – Vocals @ iPad

auf dem iPad jetzt – now on the iPad.

has been on OS X / Windows – so here’s the mobile one.

6 Envelopes, for control of filter sweeps, waveform, noise and many modulations
4 LFOs plus Vibrato, Flutter and Growl generators..

“morphing” matrix – control multiple parameters via one knob (like Clavia)..

Pitch Tracking
sort of sequencer for sing/pronounciation

time stretch extreme

aaand the “excitation generator/oscillator”

(46 english/american plus 5 german plus 4 french phonemes)

-> PPG Phonem für iPad

more to look at.

SynMag – Das Synthesizer-Magazin 57 ist da

mehr dazu..

Themen: SynMag 57 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin kommt: 29.7.2016


Synth & FX

  • Arturia Synclavier V – Der große Name – was kann es?
  • Sugar Bytes Factory – Semimodular
  • 2nd Sense Audio – Wiggle – Mehr als FM?
  • Madrona Labs Virta – Vocoder “anders”
  • Kilohearts FX


  • Celemony Melodyne 4 – im Alltag
  • Akai MPD232 Controller & Sequencer in einem
  • C3S – Gema-Alternative

Live Gigs

  • Filmen mit Zoom QN8 oder Panasonic FZ200?
  • E-Tropolis – Konzerte
  • WGT Bericht

Maschinen gucken

  • Erica Synths – die Modularhersteller im Interview
  • Florian Kupfer
  • Roboterwerke/Wunderwerke – Das schräge Kollektiv
  • Modular Synthesizer Meeting “Happy Knobbing” 2016 – G33k5@Work


  • Buchtipp: Rob Papen

 SynMag 57 Das Synthesizer-Magazin

Polyphonic Behringer Analog Synthesizer – Deepmind 12 – 7 videos

UPDATE: meanwhile there are 16 (and growing) videos, so I just post the Playlist here..


Ein wenig “roländisch” sieht Behringers Deepmind 12 aus, dachte man – aber am Ende ist er doch anders, auch klanglich. Der neue polyphone analoge Behringer Synthesizer. Man sieht ein paar Szenemenschen, die ihn bestaunen durften. Er kommt: News zum Behringer Synthesizer 2016 –
ja – man hatte klar den Juno 60/106 im Blick bei der Entwicklung.

Keyboard & Rack

which doesn’t bring too much news. so this is a silent update ;)

but it is clearly said: DCO square/pulse and saw, DCO 2 pulse/PWM only!

3 ENVs – 2 OSCS – 2 LFOs – 12 Voices – Modmatrix inside – Klark Teknik FX (4 Blocks), 256 user presets (4 banks), MIDI, USB – Pedal CV – ARP’er &  32step-Sequencer – Chord Memory. “affordable price”. should be around 1500€?  So it is not the cheapest and therefor more a quality approch to synths – but for a polyphonic synth – still far under DSI’s average price tags of 2k€>Not that 1k or 500€ is a rumour due to the first teaser, the Odyssey clone. So is the 1.5k€ – but more realistic kind of guessing which it still is. (Key Version)

Rack Version price: ?

(see the playlist for more updates)


eyboard version:

deepmind envs

they say: fast LFOs (<5ms update),
deep mind 12 panel

it turns out they wanted a Juno plus – and added things to it – even that name was kept – and later changed to the much better sounding “deep mind”deepmind 12

and a mod matrix is not at all juno’ish but useful. this isn’t WYSIWYG – it’s some things behind this screen..deepmind 12 display

curves can be changed – slopes ..
envs deepmind


Prototyp was named “Phat 12” (which is odd, isn’t it?) – here is the prooooof: it’s 3 Envelopes with switch buttons and 2 pole switch for the filter which might still be LPF but could be set via EDIT-Button next to it.
behringer deep mind 12 phat 12 proto

Update: Rendering by Blaise l Forum:

  • Deepmind has WIFI to be controlled by an iPad / Editor.

have you seen that second synth in the 6’th video? may be the next one..
proto 2
this is the pre-phat 12 – deepmind prototype.

Mod Matrix Sources/Destinations can be found here:

(5th update): 2 DCOs, 2 LFOs, Sync, 12 Voices: rendering added.

UPDATE 5: Name : Deepmind 12 – 4 FX Blocks (by Klark Teknik) freely assignable with “algorithms”.. I’d expect it to be called “Kraftgedanke” or “Urgedanke” or something. Not that iPad – maybe an editor or library-software?
it’s time for the price tag, now! and there should be buttons for the envelopes – not yet clear – so I assume there will be another “unveiling video”. did you see those 3 buttons below the envelope? I assume they set it to Amp, Filter and Pitch. But – makes settings harder since you need to re-arrange it any time switching over to the other env.


12 Voice Polyphonic !!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-24 um 13.13.11


User Blaise hat eine Phantomzeichnung angefertigt. Forum User Blaise did a nice rendering feat. most likely faders..
thanks, Blaise: Behringer Synthesizer 2016 render

behringer 4 behringer poly
4 voices.. (minimum)4 voice

watch video 3..
it’s polyphonic!

Vile Electrodes, Richard Divine and others show to us ..
the new Behringer – a bit hidden and Rolandish in layout. Well the name may not be Eurosynth EX8000 but listen, it sounds quite cool.

they said “around 500€” – so let’s check how much it actually is.

btw: so happy they asked Vile Electrodes, they are cute in everything they do.

Looks like the MIDAS-Team ist the only one envolved, since it is an all-UK group until now showing and wowing it.
I count 29 white keys –  it’s 4 octaves then. for a monophonic synth it might be a bit too much – so big hope for polyphony of up to 6 voices could be – but none of the demos are polyphonic.

the synth has: 2 DCOs, ADSR Envelope (it says “envelope” but could be more than one), Sync (do I hear it at the beginning) – yes- it’s 2 OSCs! – does it? well – maybe sync isn’t for OSC sync but for some LFO/Arp ext. Sync? We don’t know – so we are still in wait-mode. it’s 2 LFOs! (confirmed).
and PWM per OSC. Note that DCO means analog sound but controlled digitally! so it is analogue!

2nd video (don’t know the people in here, but..)

2 lfos

… but it is a real synth, less juni’ish but a bit like the looks of it or polysix or so, but it has all those features we expect it to have. and yes, they have the power – that’s the Midas team since they aquired them (and the X32) and all their analogue expertise.

we had so many guesses and stuff.


detail 4 detail 2 detail 3

behringer behringer 2 behringer 3

Erica Synths – 1 Voice Eurorack-Synth-Module

this one is one voice for eurorack from Erica. On the left: 2 of the very very small “Piko” series which is really really dense and there is no single module of that series that is wider than those! Erica got well designed modules, tubes and – seems they try to get into the well-tempered-rack scene – create your own mini suitcase with patchcords. the synth voices is basically made for DIY – but all modules can be ordered fully assembled as well..

features are:

  • wave morphing / digital OSC – 16 waveforms & transition between those waves
  • polivoks filter (BPF,LPF)
  • LFO, 9 waves – one shot mode (env-mode)
  • 90€ DIY, 280€ assembled
  • AR Envelope

synthesizer drum machines music mac iOS & nerdic walking

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