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MPC Live (“Touch II”) – Controller vs. Standalone

Gerüchte springen herum, eine neue Version des MPC Touch – mit mehr Anschlüssen, ist auf dem Weg. Es sind aber mehr als nur Gerüchte. Es gibt auch eine Quick-Start-Anleitung zu dem Gerät im Netz.

inMusic (Akai, Alesis, Numark) hat auch ein Event in Kürze angekündigt. Es ist denkbar, dass entweder diese MPC oder eine weitere eine Standalone-Version sein könnte. Bisher ist die Renaissance, Studio und Touch – Serie komplett als Controller ausgelegt, Test der MPC Touch in SynMag Ausgabe 57
Wie man sieht, sind hier mehr Ports vorhanden. Ob Akai eine computerfrei nutzbare Version bringt ist noch nicht bekannt.

Kann Akai die vielen anderen Grooveboxen einholen?

Akai has a new MPC Touch called MPC Live out – that’s rumours – but we have a manual, an FCC entry and these images –  since it’s predecessor is a controller this might be the case here as well but more USB/MIDI Connectors – maybe they also consider the standalone MPC wasn’t a bad idea – they have been working and there was a rumour month ago that Akai planning a “real” MPC without the need of a computer side by side. inMusic announced an announcement – so we will and might get more than this one?

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Korg Minilogue Polysynth + Akai AX coming back

Korg just registeredMinilogue” sounds and IS very analogue, very synth and it is polyphonic and has a 16 step modulation sequencer.
in mono mode it has 2 OSCs 1 Suboscillator, in poly it has just 2 OSCs. in dual mode it has these 2 voices doubled, so 4 OSCs sounds and can be detuned.

the only unclear thing is a rack version, that might happen – but may just be some messing around with image processing software (not to mention one of those companies..) – maybe done by him since the phones jack is missing and possibly the “Sprechkäse” is another cool joke.

but from here all is confirmed – you can already buy one of these:
minilogue size

USB/MIDI in/out – Sync Clock in/out

Minilogue Specs (database)

it is 4 voice polyphonic,

it has a 16 step sequencer with 4 motion sequences (moving the knobs and record them), not yet clear if the sequence transposes…

so it is a lot like an advanced Microkorg or MS2000/Radias – but analog with

Crossmod, Ringmod and Sync and all Standard things and even Chords in the Arpeggiator.

classic dual ADSR-envelopes and LFO. So this is sort of an analog Microkorg, but of course not featuring the digital things but is technically the most affordable analog poly synth with this feature set.

there is a shape knob per VCO, so you can do PWM, Saw Mod in a PWM manner and triangle mangling likewise.

LFO seems fast enough for audio speed (again!) thanks.

In Mono Mode it has a Sub OSC as well.

delay before or after filter which is really cool for short feedback echoes!

Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung des Hersteller inkl.19% MwSt.
KORG minilogue: 713,00 EUR – Lieferzeit: Mitte Januar 2016

Minilogue Structure

2 & 4 pole low pass filter (MS10 style)
and static sum high pass filter (thinning out things for all voices)

to me Korg did a lot of things right except missing the mod wheel.
korg sequencer minilogue

it seems so.
note the “king” lettering below.

korg minilogue 2

korg minilogue

Credit to /u/frankgilcrest123 who posted the following to Reddit from a gearslutz thread. He wrote:

Surprised this has not made it over here yet. Over on the Gearslutz forum there has been talk of a new analog polysynth from korg. It will be around $500 and it is looking pretty slick. A few have confirmed the specs have been leaked on Russian gear sites and a french synth forum.

Description KORG Minilogue:

KORG Minilogue – is a  4-voice polyphonic synthesizer, with built-in reverb & delay effects.  Synthesizer has a MS-kind of sound analog engine, quick access to the 100 factory 100 user presets – all can be overwritten (afaik), 8 voice mode to create its configuration of 4 voices – unison, polyphony, and so on. 41 knobs, oscilloscope in real time gives a visual check of sound, 16-step sequencer with automation polyphonic up to 4 parameters synthesizer and more.

korg minilogue

Clock: Sync In and Sync Out interfaces with Electribe & Volca.



Forum/Diskussion und Neues dazu: Korg Minilogue – Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

French colleagues just reviewed it..

minilogue opened mini 1

Akai AX returning (analog synths)..

Akai says they will bring back the AX series..

It’s easy to forgot how great the analog AX series synths sounded. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of its release, check out this ‪#‎tbt‬ sound demo video. Might be a great board for us to bring back…
akai ax

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Akai MPC Touch (Controller!)

Es geht immer mit einem Bild los – hier haben wir eine Kiste mit Riesendisplay und Pads die man gut kennt von deren Controllern – und die globalen Tasten für dies und das – was sagt dir das? Sieht nach Touch-Display aus – es heißt Touch und daher wird das wohl etwas sein, was dann einiges ermöglichen könnte. Wie gut das intuitiv ist und wie sehr für die Bühne muss man noch sehen. Angeblich gibt es noch div. andere Modelle. Vielleicht ist DA ja Hardware dabei. Darüber sprechen? Akai MPC Touch – weiss jemand schon was?

unboxing – Es ist ein Computer-Controller – keine eigene Hardware:

ca. 677€

PADs: Angeblich auch Steuerung von Sounds – aber noch nicht konkret genug, um klar zu sagen inwiefern – kann also auch Werbesprech™ sein. Hier sieht man Slices. In den Videos sieht das hier und da wie “geht auch ohne Rechner” aus, aber…


it all starts with a picture – here’s pads from the keyboards, a super large sample edit-display and some knobs. what do they tell to you?
it’s a touch display hence the name – so – see how intuitive that workflow will be – soon..
But it is a controller, there may be more versions of it – maybe one of those being hardware.

mpc touch

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Akai – 2 analog machines : Timbre Wolf Poly Synth + Tom Cat Drum Machine

after the long time not seen (I still did not see one in real life) Rhythm Wolf which seemed to sound a bit cheap here’s 2 more announcements

The Timbre Wolf – analog 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer. Configurable as

4 mono synths, a 4-voice unison or a 4-voice polysynth,
25 key customkeybed.
32-step sequencer for each voice.
An LED display and Octave +/- controls add further control
unison mode.
trigger/gate in/out

per section it is:

OSC: saw /square
Volume, Tune, Env amount, cutoff 24dB/oct, resonance

32 step sequencer

Timbre Wolf Synth

another drum machine with step sequencer called the Tom Cat Drummachine
bd, sd, clap, tom/conga – which is the bass synth in the Rhythm Wolf
chromatically playable
gate/trigger out/in
32 step sequencer
6 dynamic pads (MPC style) – $199

Tom Cat Drummachine

and another drum machine – Wobble Wombat – same features / different sound. Fake – someone likes Photoshop or Pixelmator, huh?

and they do things at the NAMM. I guess it’s not Akai but…
https://twitter.com/bram_bos/status/558 … 16/photo/1

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Akai Rhythm Wolf – Reality Check – the sound

so many fakes and fun stuff (eWolfing over times of not seeing or hearing it) – finally it sounds like this: – well if it’s all right.. never seen one that works – still.

more things to wolf down your throat eyes..

new MS hardware MPCs status: still waiting..

and some pure recordings of each instrument except the Bass Synth.


  • die obige Demo zeigt in etwa was mit allem so generell gehen könnte und die Soundcloud-Demo eine Reihe von Klangeinstellungen in der Drumsektion (der Bass Synth fehlt da noch) – kommt sicher auch noch:

Akai Rhythm Wolf Diskussion im Forum

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Benge – Twenty Systems – Synth Demo + iMPC Pro

Twenty Systems:is the album covering 20 synth systems that are played by John Foxx’es pal Benge – should be interesting beside Vince Clarkes stuff and M.Beckers Synthesizer von gestern (yesterdays synth / vintage synth) 3 CD series and 2 books (got them all, nice images as well).

btw Update of MPC Pro or better – coming up a new App that is “more” than the classic iMPC by Akai und eine Pro Version der iMPC fürs iPad mit Sample Edit und Effekt-Dings™http://www.sequencer.de/synthesizer/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=92708#p1052492


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Akai & Alesis storming the studio – new APC 40 Mk2, new Analog Drum Machine Rhythm Wolf with Bass Synth

New APCs – all more portable – so better for live-people. and a special “mini” version that responds to Novations Mini-Launchpads. The new APC40 mk2 will be at the same price tag as before. The mini version is at 119€ and seem like the APC20 or a launch pad plus faders which is a very good combination if one can set them to set steps and values of MIDI CC, Notes etc.
Also new is a key-version of the APC Mini !

• Akais Rhythm Wolf – Analog Bass Synth and Drumsynth with Sequencer has MIDI, USB, Gate Trigger in/outs with Pattern Memory and A/B Mode – so it’s 32 Steps – One Bass Synth (303 Style) plus BD, SD, Perc, Hihats (Open, Closed).
with Chase Light TR-Kind of Operation so this might be interesting at 239€.

Added to SynthDB: Akai Rhythm Wolf


Die Drumsektion des Rhythm Wolf setzt sich aus Kick, Snare, Open & Closed HiHat, sowie Metallic Percussion zusammen. Jeder einzelne Sound lässt sich über dedizierte Regler in Echtzeit verändern. Zu den Parametern gehören Tuning, Amp-Hüllkurven und Volume für jeden Part. Der Bass Synthesizer setzt sich aus einem Oszillator mit wählbarer Schwingungsform (Sägezahn oder Rechteck), einem 24dB Tiefpassfilter und Filterhüllkurve zusammen.

Kombination aus Drum Machine und Synth

  • Analoge Drumsektion: Kick, Snare, Open & Closed Hi-Hat und Metallic Percussion
  • Analoger Bass-Synth: Oszillator mit Rechteck/Sägezahn, 24dB Tiefpassfilter für Bässe und Leads
  • Integrierter 32-Step Sequencer zur klassischen Drum-Programmierung, 16 Pattern
  • Sechs MPC Pads zum Einspielen von Sequencen oder Finger Drumming
  • Howl Knob regelt den Distortionanteil für aggressivere Klänge
  • USB-MIDI und MIDI In/Out zur flexiblen Studio-Einbindung
  • Gate Trigger: Ansteuerung von Modular Synths oder Vintage Sequencern
  • Separate Ausgänge für Drum Machine und Bass Synth

• New Series of Keyboards from Alesis and Akai – the Alesis one shown on NAMM already. both got Pads and Faders  –
-> but the Akai Series got Sequencers – and Dials (2×8) that control the Sequencer known from the MAX Series in 3 sizes – 25,49, 61 keys. those ribbon style controllers where replaced by faders btw.

and there’s a 16 PAD oriented Controller with colour LEDs and 4 matrix knobs called MPX16 with built in Sampler, MIDI, Audio ins, USB and Card for saving the sounds as well as a Rack Version of the (Drum) Sampler  by Alesis- all based on smaller pocket sampler from Alesis which is – so to say – the return of hardware samplers – but very different from the way you might have expected. Called the  Sample Rack with 8 trigger inputs .

Aaand – the IoDock II has now a Lightning Connector and the iPad is introduced on the other side, so the Connector is on the other side compared to the the old one – but still is no USB Hub

APC40 mkII – 439€
APC Key25 – 159 €
APC mini – 119 €
Rhythm Wolf 239 €
MPX16 239 € -> Akai MPX16 Sampler – note there is a little brother, the Akai MPX8 Sampler
Oxygen 25: 109 €,  Oxygen 49: 159 €,  Oxygen 61: 199 €
Keystation 49: 119 €, Keystation 61: 159 €
Keystation: 219 €, Keystation mini 32: 59 €

APC40 mkII Features:

5×8 Clip-Launch Matrix mit RGB Beleuchtung zeigt aktuellen Clip Status

Je 8 zuweisbare Fader und Regler plus 1 Master Fader

Spannungsversorgung über USB, transportables Format

Schnelle Zuweisung des A/B Crossfaders

In-Line Anordnung der Send-Regler für einen optimalen Workflow

Inklusive: Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, SONiVOX Twist, Toolroom Artist Launch Packs und Prime Loops Sample Packs


APC Key 25 Features:

Ableton Live Controller mit 25 Synth-Action Minitasten

5×8 Clip-Launch Matrix mit RGB Beleuchtung zeigt aktuellen Clip Status

Ovtavwahlschalter und Sustain Taster

8 zuweisbare Regler werden automatisch von Ableton Live erkannt


APC mini Features:

8×8 Clip-Launch Matrix mit RGB Beleuchtung zeigt aktuellen Clip Status

8 zuweisbare Fader + 1 Master Fader

Portabler All-in-One Ableton Live Controller


–> Note – M-Audio, Alesis, Akai are all one big company inMusic

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